Underrated & unspoilt – Madagascar is waiting!

Madagascar dream holiday

Madagascar, separated from mainland Africa, by about 400km of Indian Ocean, is a world of its own. Visiting the country, you get the sense that the people and its natural wonders have been left to their own devices, free from the influence of the outside world since the French left in 1960. The indigenous people of Madagascar are known as Malagasy, and speak French, Malagasy and a little English - generally.

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Lord Howe – Island of Wow!

Samen banner lord howe

This island, floating like a glorious pleasure liner in the Tasman Sea, will keep your senses spellbound.  The folks living here lovingly call Australia “the mainland” and some of the older ones may have left the island only once or twice in their lifetimes.

One T-shirt proclaims:  No stress, no crowds, no mobile phones, no worries.  That just about sums up a holiday on this island of beauty, tranquillity and adventure.

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Stellenbosch – Jewel of the Winelands

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Stellenbosch might be well known as a university town, but it has a lot to offer non-students as well. The many wine farms situated in the surrounding area are popular among all kinds of tourists, international and local. These might be the main attractions this quaint little town has to offer, but I believe the town itself is the true gem.

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Is Sodwana still the chosen dive destination in SA?

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The last time I set fin in Sodwana was when all the world's computers were going to crumble into an abyss because Charles Babbage did not consider that his invention would last past the change of the millennium.  It was a time I also refer to, with reverence, as BC – before children.  These were times when, at a whim, you could grab your wallet and have an unencumbered New Year's party till the third of January without considering anybody else.  Now, we sit on the stoep of our ground floor flat (no stairs for the safety of the children) without a sea view arching our necks skyward so we can

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