Lord Howe – Island of Wow!

Samen banner lord howe

This island, floating like a glorious pleasure liner in the Tasman Sea, will keep your senses spellbound.  The folks living here lovingly call Australia “the mainland” and some of the older ones may have left the island only once or twice in their lifetimes.

One T-shirt proclaims:  No stress, no crowds, no mobile phones, no worries.  That just about sums up a holiday on this island of beauty, tranquillity and adventure.

If you are addicted to your mobile phone, this holiday is definitely not for you.  About three years ago the islanders had to vote on whether to allow the service providers to erect their ugly towers and spoil the atmosphere of what makes this island unique and they voted against mobile reception.  As one islander responded:  as long as we are at least 30 years behind the mainland, that is good enough for us.

Only 11 km long and nowhere more than 2 km wide, this southernmost point of the Great Barrier Reef lies some 700 kilometres east of the Australian mainland.  With a population of some 400 and 392 beds available to tourists at any given time, this is the closest you’ll come to that elusive feeling that you actually own your very own private island in the South Pacific. Because there are never more than 800 people on the island at any one time, you never get the feeling of crowds anywhere.

The pace of life on Lord Howe is peaceful mode only.  With an Island speed limit of 25 km/h there is no sense of urgency. Understandably, the Islanders’ definition of road rage is when you forget to wave at your neighbour as he drives past.  Tourist transport is mostly by bicycle.  There are only 3 rental cars  at the airport and there doesn’t really seem to be a demand as all the lodges or hotels have free airport transfers.  Every point of interest, whether one of the many beaches, the shops (two) or a café where superb cappuccinos are the order of the day, can be reached by bicycle or on foot.  Families living on the island are only allowed one vehicle per household, businesses may have one utility vehicle (which we call a bakkie) and lodges may have one people carrier. 

divingBicycles seem to have the right of way everywhere.

Lord Howe is a crime-free, laid back environment where the