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Holiday Philippines | SA Men

Planning your next big holiday? The Philippines is a great destination that I bet you haven’t considered yet. Why should you make the Philippines your next holiday destination? It’s relatively cheap, and highly accessible to tourists. The people are incredibly friendly, and, consisting of no less than 7000 islands, the Philippines will have something to attract every variety in taste.   GETTING THERE: A return plane ticket will cost you in the region of R10 000, and with the current Rand-Philippine Peso exchange rate at PHP 3.70 for R1, South Africans can enjoy a relatively cheap getaway. Accommodation in the Philippines is ample, affordable, and well maintained, clean and comfortable.   GETTING AROUND: Going to the Philippines and only visiting one island seems a bit of a waste, so you’ll want to know the best ways to get from one place to the next. There is a large array of possible modes of transport, and all are easily accessible, safe, and cheap to moderate in price. One can take a ferry or a domestic flight to get from one island to another. Flights are definitely the faster method, but I recommend you research how long a ferry might take to the island you wish to visit. Some islands are within a 4-5 hour ferry trip away, and are thus cheaper and more worthwhile. Nonetheless, the domestic flights are also cheap, and it is definitely worth the flight to get to islands like Luzon, Palawan or Negros. Between cities, buses are cheap and regular, comfortable and air-conditioned. For far distances, for example between Manila and Vigan City, my companions and I decided to save time and accommodation costs and travel through the night. Not the best night’s sleep we’ve ever had, but definitely worth the effort.   Within cities, tourists are constantly harassed by locals offering to take you with their taxis and tricycles to whatever destination you require. Both these means of transport are reliable, safe, and cheap. Jeepneys, similar to our local taxis, each travel a set route which is advertised on the side of the vehicle, and cost PHP7. Space can be cramped during peak hours, but drivers and fellow passengers are friendly and helpful. Be aware that taxi and tricycle drivers may recognise you as a tourist and exploit you with exorbitant