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Our Russian Violet

Photographs by Hotlens Photographic

Russian model | SA Men

Our latest beauty is Violet. She is a stunning Russian model who did an awesome photoshoot with us. Here are a couple of questions we asked her on the day of the shoot.   1. What do you love most about South Africa? Sunshine, friendly people and beautiful nature. It's really a unique mix of culture, landscape and wildlife 2. What is your favourite item of clothing? Lingerie - La Senza 3. On a cold winters night would, you rather cuddle up in front of a fireplace or  go out for a romantic dinner? Romantic dinner and cuddling next to the fire place after 4. If you had to give our SA Men readers any advice on how to win a lady's heart, what advice would you give? Be more generous and attentive. Show that you care for her and all her needs. Be more creative... Surprise her! Make sure that her house is full of flowers 5. Describe your perfect date I love nature! So a perfect date for me would be meeting at a beautiful park and having a nice walk. Maybe take a blanket and picnic basket and enjoying nature 6. Do you think that men need to be the leaders in a relationship? Yes! 7. Have you ever kissed a girl? Yes. I had a relationship with a girl a few years ago 8. Do you prefer Vodka or Whisky? I don't drink at all 9. In a few words tell SA Men a little bit about yourself and what your goals are I have incredible life experiences and I'm very openminded. I think I can understand any person. I love to take risks and to be spontaneous. I believe you can never lose - you either learn or win. My goals would be to be booked everyday for interresting photoshoots. I welcome any creative ideas from photographers.   You can go and have a look at the video of the photoshoot here