Goodyear Wrangler 4x4 Tyres

Goodyear tyre

The Port Elizabeth-based  South African division of Goodyear Tyres has launched a versatile all-terrain tyre incorporating Kevlar overlays to reinforce the tread and resist punctures and cuts.

At the same time, the company claims (following Dekra tests conducted in France) that the new all-terrain Adventure provides 37 % better mileage performance than the average of leading competitors.

The new tyre also includes patented Durawall technology which protects the sidewall area against cuts and punctures.

With a deceptively conventional appearance - no excessive chunky biting edges - the Adventures impressed with a quiet ride on tar, excellent roadholding on both gravel and tar, and an open shoulder block design which quickly got rid of mud for improved off-road traction when it counted.

With the increasing swing towards double cabs and SUVs, the Goodyear Wrangler Adventure certainly impressed me as a reliable, slow-wearing all-rounder which will perform well on rugged 4x4 vehicles without looking out of place on more sedate SUVs.

The Wrangler Adventure Series is produced at the Goodyear plant in Port Elizabeth.