A positive week in SA

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Suprisingly, there were quite a few ‘fuzzy-feeling’’ type stories in the media last week. These stories included a test pilot that made a miraculous emergency landing in Durban and lived to tell the story. The pilot even went so far as to call the landing a ‘’piece of cake.’’ From very humble beginnings, a young KZN man has defeated all the odds and graduated from Oxford University. Through persistence and dedication, Ntokozo Qwabe, 24 managed to put himself through university at UKZN before being offered the opportunity to study at Oxford. A gauteng man was reunited with his car which was stolen 22 years ago. Through the efficient and effective police work of Warrant Officer Kwakwa Ntokola from the Seshego Vehicle tracking unit in Limpopo, Derrick Goosen was surprised and excited to be handed the keys to his pride and joy of 22 years ago. Suprisingly the vehicle was still in mint condition. Young pilot nails emergency landing near Durbans Suncoast beach Ian Waghorn, a 22 year old pilot was flying a Savage aircraft which is designed for competition, and is able to achieve take offs and landings over short distances. During the aircrafts maiden flight on Sunday morning, everything was perfectly ok. Waghorn then decided to fly the plane to Virginia Airport on Sunday afternoon. 10km from the airport, as he was flying over Durban harbour, the oil pressure dropped suddenly which meant an engine failure. Waghorn chose a secluded part of the beach to make his emergency landing and pulled it off successfully. According to Waghorn, Sunday was a cloudy and gloomy day in Durban, which meant that luckily the beach was empty. From a village in KZN to Oxford University Ntokozo Qwabe returned to South Africa on Thursday, a proud young man who had defeated all the odds after studying for two years at Oxford University. As a child he used to herd cattle and play soccer in the rural fields near Oyaya Village. After attending a rural school, Qwabe then attended Brettonwood High School, where his father was a care taker. After failing 3 of his first 4 terms due to his problems with speaking English, he managed to teach himself the language and eventually applied to UKZN at the age of 16. Unfortunately he was forced to drop out due to lack of funds. After working at Shoprite Checkers in Rossburgh, pushing trolleys so that he could earn a little money for food and books, he eventually got a job in Davenport Shoprite Checkers as a cashier and managed to save up his money and return to university. He later graduated with 34 distinctions and was awarded summa cum laude. He was then awarded with a two year scholarship to study at Oxford University, where he recently graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Law degree. Car returned to owner 22 years later In 1993 a young and proud Derrick Goosen, who was 23 at the time, had recently purchased a Toyota Corolla 1.6 GL. Not long after buying the vehicle, goosen discovered that the vehicle had been stolen. Unfortunately he had no insurance for the vehicle, which meant his only hope of it being returned was if the police were able to track it down. 22 years later, Goosen received a call from Warrant Officer Kwakwa Ntokola informing him that his car had been found. It was discovered at a road block in Limpopo, and although the chassis numbers were scratched off, the officers were able to make-out the numbers that were there and link them to the report that Goosen gave the police over two decades ago. Goosen said, despite certain individuals within the SA Police Service slacking and not taking their work seriously, “here was an exemplary individual”. In South African society there are a lot of negatives, worries, and concerns in our day to day lives, as well as for the future of our country. However, too often we forget about the opportunities, positive events, and the people who want to make a difference and who do help make this country great. These people are out there and we should all be doing our bit, no matter how small, to effect the change we all want to see.