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South Africa is the first country on the African continent to receive it’s offical licence to fly a drone. The licence was issued to Ms Nicole Swart on the 10th July. Drones can be used highly effectively in fighting crime as was shown on Carte Blanche a few weeks ago, as well as for corporate and leisure activities. In Johannesburg two trains collided at the Booysens station on Friday with at least 250 people sustaining injuries from the incident. One of the trains had derailed and an investigation is underway as to the cause of the incident. According to ROI Africa much of South Africa’s news media was dominated by Mandela Day and the Springboks last week - two very positive aspects to South African society and culture, unfortunately though, the Springboks let victory slip from their fingers in the dying moments againts OZ. On Sunday in Jeffreys Bay during the J-Bay Open of Surfing, Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson were competing in the finals when they were visited by an aggressive ocean dweller which was caught on camera - luckily no one was hurt during the incident.

Mandela Day & the Springboks dominate the news

South Africa often has violence, corruption and other crime dominating the headlines. However, last week according to ROi Africa, it was the Springboks and Mandela day dominating the news. Mandela Day is all about getting everyday South Africans to make a change for 67 minutes on Mandela’s birthday. It’s a celebration of his life and his achievements, and a only a small part of the legacy left behind by the late great President of South Africa.

On Saturday the Springboks played a passionate game against the Aussies, unfortunately our boys couldn’t hold off a try from the Oz team in the dying  moments of the game.

Around South Africa, communities, corporates and individuals alike, did their bit to make a change in our country for 67 minutes in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

Africa’s first drone licence

Earlier this month South African pilot, Nicole Swart received the first official drone licence in South Africa and Africa. “The licence was issued on July 10 to Ms Nicole Swart, making her the first person to receive such a licence in South Africa, the continent, and most parts of the world,” spokesperson Phindiwe Gwebu said in a statement.

“It was important for me to get an RPAS pilot’s licence, as I believe technology is advancing rapidly and in the near future this mode of transport will be as common and necessary as cellular phones are in this era,” Swart said in the statement.

Earlier in July, regulations were put in place for the operating, and legal flying of drones. These machines can be operated from the ground or from another aircraft, and can be used for corporate, commercial or leisure purposes.

Drama at J-Bay open

On Sunday the J-Bay Open was being contested between Australians, Julian Wilson and Mick Fanning in un-characteristically smaller, but fun surf. Fanning was sitting on his board waiting for the next set, when without him knowing, a shark appeared from behind him, less than a metre away. Fanning acted heroicly and managed to avoid bein bitten by the shark. It was only his leash which was bitten, and due to the quick response of the water crew and his competitor, Julian Wilson, he managed to avoid any serious injuries.

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