What a Week in SA!

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Last week we read about how South Africans are taking to technology to help them fight crime with the use of an app which keeps track of criminals in the act. We also heard how the taxis that were impounded earlier this month in Mamelodi have been returned to the taxi operators. The taxi operators then apologised to the public for the violence and are said to return to normal service soon. Although they’re only trying to earn a miniscule living, those windo washers at intersections can get a little bit pushy and are quite annoying. It was reported that since February this year, over 500 pushy window washers have been arrested. In Cape Town, the photo-bomb of the year was caught on camera, and the image is making waves around the world. The subject of the photo was a shark chomping down on a rope, dangling from the side of a boat with an interesting background addition.

South Africans fight crime with technology

The Zello mobile app being used to fight crime in Cape Town works by connecting the community and putting the power back in their hands. The example given was as follows: three men walk down a neighbourhood road carrying a TV. A resident spots the perpetrators and logs a call to the Western Cape crime channel on the app. Before long the perps are spotted by another resident and a second call is logged, thereby tracking the crime in action. The updates are sent to police to handle the crime and catch the criminals.

Taxi association apologises

On Friday, a number of previously impounded taxis were returned to the taxi operators effecting an apology from the taxi operators for the violence and a promise to return to normal service soon. "Mark my words, the community can rest assured that we are back on track, we are working. No more violence and we apologise," said Stemer Monageng from the Mamelodi Local and Long Distance Taxi Association. News24

Window washers on their way out

Those pesky window washers we’ve all encountered at intersections and robots, are finding themselves in hot water after nearly 500 of them have been arrested since February. Usually they pop out of nowhere and start spraying a driver’s windscreen before they have a chance to refuse the service. They then demand payment for cleaning the window, which makes the blood of most drivers boil.

Photobomb of the decade

In Cape Town last week, what can only be described as the photo bomb of the decade, was caught on camera in Mossel Bay. While shooting images of a shark munching a dangling piece of rope suspended from the side of a boat, another shark breached just behind the action along side the boat. This provided for a magnificent image of one shark baring it’s teeth, and just behind it another one breaching magnificently. Check out the image, here:

South Africa is filled with moments of magnificence, disappointment, and an immense spirit of community togetherness. Some of the stories from last week play testament to this fact, and remind us of the bittersweet life in South Africa.