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In Mamelodi last week violence erupted with taxi operators attacking Putco buses and barricading roads in the town. The taxi operators were also telling people not to use the buses, but to use taxis instead. Reportedly the driver of one of the buses was killed and passengers were wounded. While in Durban a man was fighting off an intruder in his home, when his brave Bull Mastiff came to the aid of his owner. Both survived the ordeal with minor injuries. The powers that be in South Africa are at it again after it was reported last week that PRASA has placed a R3.5bn order for 70 locomotives from Europe, despite warnings that the trains are not suitable for SA’s rail lines. King Goodwill Zwelithini was in the news again last week after it was reported that he had spent R3mill of taxpayers money on flights, after blowing his budget and receiving financial assistance earlier this year. Mamelodi Taxi Violence Earlier this month Putco announced that it would not renew contracts for parts of Tshwane, Ekhurhuleni and Sedibeng but that it’s new operator, Autopax should employ the staff who had worked in these areas for Putco. Since July 1st, taxi operators have been barricading roads in and around the area of Mamelodi, and also firing at and throwing stones at the buses in order to disrupt the service. One driver was shot dead and at least one passenger has been injured. On July 2nd and still today, the buses are being escorted by police vehicles on their routes. Brave Bullmastiff saves the day Last week an elderly man in Durban was attacked in his home by a burglar. The victims brave Bullmastiff Gus, came to his aid in order to fight off the attacker. Both Gus and the victim were stabbed multiple times, but have made an excellent recovery. Gus was collected from the veterinarian after receiving stitches to his head and shoulder and spending a bit of time at the vet for observation. No arrests have been made in this incident. Expensive Train Blunder Railways officials have reportedly ordered brand new locomotives from Europe with a total order value of R3.5billion, despite warnings that the locomotives will exceed the height restrictions for trains used on the routes planned. A total of 70 locomotives have been ordered at a whopping R600million each. A royal waste of money King Goodwill Zwelithini has reportedly made use of R3 million in tax payers money for private flights to social and official engagements. The King blew his annual budget and received assistance earlier this year as well. Some of the flights he took were from Ulundi to Durban, Ulundi to Swaziland, and he spent R28 000 to fly from Ulundi to Empangeni which is only 115km by car.