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The Marikana report was released last week and according to media reports, is riddled with controversy. The families of the victims were not notified of the release and certain parties who were expected to take responsibility have been let off scott-free. An interesting story of mythologic significance was released last week, after the spread of veld fires in the Umzimkhulu area was blamed on the methods that local people use for warding off ghosts.  A Durban resident had enough of taxis and made her frustrations known on Facebook, unfortunately her statements were not a responsible outburst and she is now being invstigated by the Human Rights Commision. It was also revealed last week that credit card scammers have a new method of retrieving your details, and that this type of crime is on the increase.

Marikana Report

Last week President Jacob Zuma released his Marikana report and News 24 released an article on the ten things you should know about Marikana. The information included the fact that 44 people lost their lives during the battle which started on the 11 August and ended in violence on the 16 August. The report was 600 pages long and laid a fair amountof blame on the Police Commisioner Riyah Phiyega. The Commission was required to make findings and recommendations concerning Lonmin, the SAPS, AMCU, the NUM, and a number of other government departments. Lonmin also received the brunt of the report because it had insisted that non striking workers returned to work, knowing that they could not protect them.

NUM apparently wrongly advised the drill operators about the wage negotiations and AMCU was unable to control their members. Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa got off with no responsibility being put on his shoulders.

The striking rock drillers were demanding a salary of R12 500 each which was triple their salaries at the time. An investigation will be carried out to enquire whether or not there is a basis for further prosecution. Check out the full article here:

Durban resident slams taxi’s on Facebook

A Durban resident may find herself in hot water after a social media post she put up on Facebook is being investigated by the Human Rights Commision. Sarah Meugens told the Witness that it was the third incident of nearly being knocked off her scooter by a taxi. Her rant on Facebook lashed out at minibus taxi drivers and refered to the colour of their skin and their mindsets.

Just about every South African who sits in traffic on a regular basis would understand her frustration. However, there surely is no room for racist remarks. Socia Media can be a dangerous public space if used irresponsibly, as this Durban resident is finding out.

Ghosts and veld fires

A mythological practice by local people in the Umzimkhulu area is wreaking havoc on the famlands in the area. The belief, is that when walking in the dark and you encounter a ghost, you should light a fire to ward of the harmful spirits. According to Umzimkhulu Municipality spokesperson, Willie Mgcina, this practice has been blamed for the fires that spread across the area during the winter period.

Beware, card scammer crimes on the increase

Next time your waiter or barman says to you, ‘’this card machine is not working, I’m just going to get another one,’’ be cautious as it could be a scam. Card scamming criminals use a machine which looks very much like a POS credit card machine. They swipe your card, you enter your pin and they now have all of your details. Thereafter they go off to get the actual machine, leaving you none the wiser. Be aware and check the machine has a serial number, and that all printouts have the establishments name on them.