What a Week in SA!

SA Men weekly round-up

The people of South Africa have been shocked and extremely disappointed with the stories that came to light last week. President Zuma has been let off the hook by the Police Minister over the Nkandla scandal and proceeded to mock the opposition and laugh about the situation in parliament. The South African public was also informed about the possibility that our highly successful and unifying 2010 World Cup campaign may have been tarnished in bribery and corruption. In more lighthearted news, a speedster was nabbed doing 226km/hour and proceeded to blame it on the fact that he was late for an appointment with his mother-in-law. The good news for the week is that, last week taxi drivers were brought to book for driving on the wrong side of the road, finally! Zuma’s Nkandla Scandal World firsts in security measures, like a fire pool, chicken coop, cattle kraal, the amphitheatre and visitors center at Nkandla do not need to be paid for by President Zuma. According to Police Minister Nkosinathi Nhleko, the president is not liable to pay back a cent for these ‘security measures’ at his home in Nkandla. According to him, these structures are necessary for the safety and security of the homestead. Nhleko went on to state that further improvements were necessary for fire safety and recommended a range of additional measures to be implemented. Opposition parties were stunned at the findings and will be taking the issue to court. Tainted 2010 World Cup Allegations have surfaced that the SA Government supposedly paid a bribe to secure the right to host the 2010 World Cup. In a statement issued last week by the Department of Sport and Recreation, these allegations have been completely denied. The statement reads, ‘’… the indictment by the Attorney General of the United States of America that the government of South Africa or its officials have paid a bribe of $10 million to secure the rights to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup….’’ It then goes on to state that, ‘’… The Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa hereby indicates that all funding by the South African Government was transferred via the National Treasury to the National Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa and that no such amount was paid by the Department of Sport and Recreation and the government of South Africa.’’ (News 24) This is a scandal which could break the hearts of millions of South Africans, as the World Cup in 2010 was a momentous occasion for all of us and played an instrumental role in unifying the people of the country. Taxi drivers receive a slap on the wrist If you’re unfortunate enough to be caught in bumper to bumper traffic every morning, you would have seen the taxis which zoom up the emergency lane. They are even brazen enough to jump the pavements and drive along the opposite side of the road into oncoming traffic. Finally, last week eight taxi drivers were arrested for driving on the wrong side of the road in order to jump the queue. JMPD Chief Superintendent, Wayne Minnar assured the public that they would continue to clamp down on the negligent behaviour of taxi drivers. Mother-in-law blamed for motorists need for speed Over the weekend, a motorist was caught and arrested for driving at 226km/h on the N3 near Germiston. His reason given for driving at this break-neck speed was that he was urgently trying to get to an appointment with his mother-in-law. Clearly the she must have a major issue with tardiness for him to have to resort to that sort of speed. The perpetrator will attend his bail hearing on Monday. The scandals and controversy that have come to light over the last week are a clear indication that we need change. The simple fact that there are scandals and controversy means that things are not right with our country's administration. With hope and optimism we soldier on, and pray for the best outcomes possible for our beautiful country and only time will tell how things will ultimately turn out.