Another week in SA

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South Africa often seems like the old Wild West with the brazen robberies and high-jacking stats we’re faced with on a daily basis in the news. Last week was no different! In a scene reminiscent of the dark apartheid days, yet reversed in ideology, an Ethekwini Ward councilor was stunned to come across a sign on an electricity box on Laguna beach which read, ‘’African Bathing Beach.’’ The municipality told News24 that it has no intention of removing the sign. Also in KZN, drag racing on the N3 near Pietermarizburg seems to be a fast and furious affair. Last week an illegal event was intercepted by police and arrests were made. Unfortunately not enough arrests are being made in the increasing number of identity thefts taking place in South Africa. It was reported last week that there seems to be an increase in this type of crime, especially against 30 to 40 year old males.

Sting operation on N2 near Cape Town pains robbers

The so-called N2 ‘’hell run’’ between Mew Way and the R300 off ramp is notorious for thefts and attacks on stranded motorists. The police capitalised on this fact in a sting operation last week. With a plain-clothed police officer posing as a stranded motorist, two robbers approached her vehicle with the intention of robbing her. One of the alleged thieves was armed with a toy gun and a knife and both were arrested.

African Bathing Beach

A DA councilor, Martin Meyer was stunned to come across an electricity box on Laguna Beach in Durban with signage that read, ‘’African Bathing Beach.’’ EThekwini spokesperson Tozi Mthethwa told News24: “Some of these signs are historical artifacts similar to the statues that were erected during the apartheid regime. These have been allowed to remain to remind us of the road we have traveled as a country.” (News24) Meyer said the city needed to rename the electricity box, or at least provide an information board educating tourists and visitors to the beach of the dark apartheid days, and how far we have come since then.

Fast and the furious in Maritzburg

Two illegal drag racers were arrested last week near Pietermaritzburg. An undercover special task team was on the scene of the illegal racing last week, when participants were racing on the N3 Highway between Chota Motala Road Bridge and the Ohrtmann Road Bridge. The task team allowed two races to continue as they worked out the best way of nabbing the perpetrators. In the third race between an Audi RS3 and a Mercedes A45 AMG the task team made their move by setting up a road block on the home stretch which the racers fell into after they had turned around at the New England Road on-ramp to the N3. The racers were charged with negligent and reckless driving and their cars worth R1mill were impounded.

Is your identity safe?

A member of the South African Fraud Prevention Association, Carol Mcloughlin, last week said that because more and more transactions are occurring online, there has been an increase in identity theft crime in South Africa.

What to watch out for

• Identity thieves may shoulder-surf when you are entering your pin at an ATM.

• Dumpster diving — criminals rooting through your rubbish.

• Phony websites that look identical to authorised banks.

What you can do

• Shred your documents.

• Don’t hand out your personal details to anyone.

• Don’t provide sensitive information over the Internet.

• Check your credit reports regularly



South Africa is certainly an exciting country to be living in. However this is not always a good thing, with the violence and crime, it’s also a difficult country to live in. However being aware, and not taking chances, may just help us to live more safely and be better equipped for a daily dose of what to expect when living in SA.