Dangerous Sex

Samen dangerous sex image

Of course, sex is supposed to be fun, and if it isn’t you’re probably doing it wrong. Lately, I’ve come across several instances where sex has been downright dangerous. So, here are some dangers under the spotlight.


You know that pregnancy is a side effect of sex, we know. Yet, during 2015, 15000 pupils fell pregnant. Seems the sex education being taught in high school is failing. In my immediate friendship circle, three unexpected, unmarried pregnancies have occurred within the last year. All for adults close to thirty.

Gents, please keep in mind that antibiotics render The Pill ineffective. Perhaps your lady is ill and she neglects to drink her contraceptives, or she forgets that antibiotics interfere with the working of the tablet. Help her be cautious and take precaution.

Too often he says: “But she is on the Pill!” But was she? Please make sure. Two more fallacies I have come across: “It was 30 seconds so it couldn’t count”, and “I’ll just pull out in time.” The fact is that there is enough sperm released during foreplay to impregnate a female.


Nobody wants to talk about sexually transmitted diseases. Especially not when they have one. They are just as common as they have always been and they are just as painful and as contagious and as life-threatening (or annoying) as ever.  With both STDs and pregnancies, repercussions can be avoided by knowing the causes, the symptoms and how to prevent them. If you see your partner is in pain, itches or has sores, ask, check and go see a doctor. Seek treatment and condomise!


Ouch! Sexual intercourse itself can also be dangerous. The Cowgirl position, or girl on top, has caused 50% of all penile fractures. This is because the girl is manipulating the penis with her full body weight. A favourite of many girls because of maximum penetration and movement control, you should caution her to be careful. Although it can be treated and only in rare cases leads to long-term erectile dysfunction, it is excruciatingly painful.  


You might have heard or read or practiced some fetishes and role-play, but some sexual practices are downright dangerous. Heard of autoerotic asphyxiation? It means to cut off the oxygen supply to the brain when climaxing… Dangerous, but not as much as Pyrophilia. Yes, fire is involved. Don’t ask me how.

Have you heard of Formicophilia? It’s the act of deriving sexual pleasure from being bitten or nibbled on by insects like ants or spiders. Is this grossing you out, or are you finding this intriguing? How about Mechaphilia? It means “to be attracted to mechanical objects”. Personally, I find a Maserati or big motorcycle attractive, but not to the extent where I’d want to have sex with it! Apparently, the attraction can include boats, planes and even automobiles.


My husband and I were caught once in the act in a parking lot, by a cop! Nowadays, parking lots are not safe due to highjackings and other crimes. Whether it is in public bathrooms, kitchen counter tops or your parents’ bedroom, consider the risk and the risk of being caught when passion overwhelms you!

If you’re a traveller, you might want to know that the Northern hemisphere hosts the world’s hottest women, meaning those who have the highest sex drive. Portuguese, Irish and Italian women top the list, but the Scandinavian ladies beat them by liking to do it most regularly and passionately, researchers say. Don’t despair gents, as a comparison Finland came in highest at 79% sex drive, and our South African girls at 70%. Not too shabby!

Despite the dangers associated with sex, we can all agree that it is still outweighed by the joys and benefits, the beauty and ecstasy of it. The best advice I can give you: Be safe, not sorry!