Like Lovers Do

Like lovers do

To be in love with someone is to accept them and be yourself in front of them, right? We are all guilty of ‘disgusting’ habits in front of our partner – things they do not particularly like or approve of.

Although there are some things we can keep away from our partners, we seem to settle into a zone of comfort when you feel loved and accepted. This leads to us doing things in front of our partners that we would never do in public and would definitely not do if the relationship was still new.

Take farting for example. Some couples have still not (after countless years together) farted in front of the other. I don’t know how they do it, as we all have had an occasional, uncontrollable, unexpected slip (in public, no less). Some people think farting in front of their partner, or their partner in front of them, is an unacceptable sin. Some couples just couldn’t care, some treat it as a joke, and some compete for sound and smell effects! Others loudly disapprove.

A few friends of mine do not like to ‘groom’ in front of their partners. Perhaps they think their partners believe that they are simply smooth and hairless and that their pubic hair naturally grows into a perfectly trimmed landing strip. They don’t shave or wax their hair in front of their partners while other couples find it a normal activity. Be that as it may, trimming or plucking pubic or facial hair, even eyebrows, in front of your partner is a definite no-no.

My late husband did not like to brush his teeth in front of me. I think he found it gory and did not want me to watch. I have picked up on the same disliking for it, but my son walks through the whole house and has conversations with his girlfriend through a mouth of foam. Although they also fart in each other’s company, flossing in front of each other would apparently be taking it to an unacceptable level.

So is squeezing or popping a pimple. This needs to be done in private, not in front of one another or to each other. Yet, some couples even pick each other’s zits.

One thing a lot of couples do is pee in front of each other. Let’s face it, sometimes there is just no way you can wait for the other to finish up in the bathroom first. If you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go! Many couples do not mind this at all. They find it comforting and are comfortable with it but they want their privacy when it’s time for a number two. Some couples don’t mind that either, and have long chats while one is in the bath and the other one on the loo. Then you get couples that will wee in the shower while their partner is in there with them. I dislike it when people do it even if they are showering alone, so I don’t think this is a habit I would approve of.

Personally, I don’t like cutting my toenails in front of others or have them do it in front of me. Nail clippings are unpredictable, and hardly ever land in the container destined to catch them. Yet, some couples do each other’s naills. They chat, bond and see it as a mutual spoiling session.  

The important thing is to not gross each other out and have an understanding for what your partner finds nasty, acceptable or funny. Once one has shared a level of intimacy with another, repeatedly, it becomes relatively easy to just be yourself in front of each other, like lovers do.