Time to explore

Sex toys

Although there are adult shops everywhere, one seems to have to know what you want and what everything is for when you walk through the door. Even if you are brave enough to ask the shop assistant about the stuff on sale, most shop assistants seem to be shy about the items and do not offer much advice.

I recently attended a sex toy party and found it both fascinating and enlightening. Armed with a bottle of wine and a favourite, open-minded friend, I was ready to ‘talk dirty’. I was both surprised and impressed by what I got to see and hear!

Things certainly have improved since I last attended a toy party. The sales lady was professional and candid, answering questions directly and using the correct terminology for the appropriate body parts. This gave people the confidence to ask personal questions in a neutral environment, which made the situation non-awkward and brought solutions, rather than embarrassment.

But let’s talk about the toys! There were tools, toys, creams, oils, perfumes, lubricants, candles and outfits, glossy brochures and the chance to taste, touch, smell and feel.

We all know about lubricants and massage oils, which you can even buy at your local garage. These specialised lubricants are in a class on their own. Not only do they lubricate, they stimulate sensation too! A pea sized bit on the genitals makes for a cooling and tingling sensation to heat things up a bit. The best part about it is that it comes in different, delightful flavours! This adds some spice to the taste of your intimates, as it doesn’t always taste as nice as we would like it to!

Kudos to the men who were at the party and had the guts to have a look and ask their own questions (They had an opportunity separate from the girls). It made for whispered conversation amongst couples to confirm choices and orders, and sparked some experimentation. Some couples even left for home immediately, orders in hand, ready to go try out their new goodies!

The outfits were fascinating to me. It seems that secretly, every girl would like to look ‘slutty’ – and the men LOVE it. Some of the ladies there felt their weight or figure did not allow for dress-up, but other ladies quickly convinced them otherwise. The consensus was that men do not see the misshapes or bulges when you are dressed up (or down, rather?). If their girl seems willing and eager, they are ready and in for the ride!

Fifty shades did most adventurers a favour. Swings, whips and tickle-toys are now easy to come by, provided they are not all sold out.

Obviously, the whole idea of sex toys is to encourage play. Jokes abound that dildos are a single girl’s best friend, but the consensus at the party was that toys, used correctly and sensibly, add to the fun couples can have. It improves foreplay, enhances intercourse and allows for some experimentation and exploration, discovering sensual pleasures.  Admittedly, some of the toys can do a combination of things that a penis simply cannot do. However there is no way a dildo can replace companionship, company or conversation. The fact that these toys are decidedly not in penis-colour is a clear statement that they are not competing with their human counterparts.  The fact that they are also available in bullet-sizes, wireless and electrical versions open a variety of scenarios and opportunity for the individual as well as the couple.

It’s time to explore!