Pick-up lines that work

Pick up line tips

We all know the importance of first impressions. And when you are out to meet someone new, your first impression better be a good one. After the initial scoping and ocular approval, you had better say the right words when striking up a conversation.

Here are some useful hints for pick-up lines:

1.  Be original. Girls have heard “have you fallen from heaven because you must be an angel” just too many times. Make it applicable to the candidate only. Pay a compliment on her dress, her hair, her taste in drink, the music, the crowd…something that pertains to the specific circumstance you are in and is an outstanding feature on the girl.

2.  Be funny. People who make us laugh are appealing. Something quirky, sharp or witty is the best option. Be it a pick-up line or a joke you are telling, make sure you don’t say anything racist, sexist, political or religious. You don’t know this person yet and you could put her (and others around them) off for life.

3.  Smile. Whether you are making a comment or paying a compliment, wear a smile to match. If it looks like you mean business, the candidate thinks you are there on a mission. If the compliment misfires, your smile will ease the blow. If the comment is off the mark, your smile could be interpreted as being part of the joke. Don’t sneer, don’t grin - smile.

4.  Be sensitive to the situation. If she looks unhappy, or her friend just stomped out, or she seems happy and in a good mood, pick your line to coincide with what she might be feeling. Girls love funny, sensitive guys.

5.  Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. If you are not suave or witty, or not an expert on a subject, don’t use a line that pretends you are. Girls see through fake, dishonesty and pretence as clear as day.

6.  Keep it simple. Keep it relevant to the situation. “Can I buy you a drink?", "Would you like to dance?" or "Hello, my name is….” are sure-fire winners that show you know what you want and are interested. Her response will tell you right off if the interest is mutual. If she says no, back off.

7.  Be presentable. I am aware that you don’t always meet or approach someone you like in a bar or at work or at an event where you are dressed in a suit and tie. It could be at a sports game, braai or birthday party. Make sure that you are clean, smell good, and that your clothes are well-kept. If you can’t be ‘dressed up’, at least be well-groomed and colour coordinated.

8.  Make an attempt. It is possible that your pick-up line may come out wrong or that you stumble over your words. This could get a sympathy chance, or perhaps a laugh. The point is that you tried. it is frustrating for everybody If you stand in the corner giving her the eye but are too shy to make a move. Man up, move in and start talking.

If you want your pick-up line to not sound like a pick-up line, it must come from the heart. Your best bet is to make it relevant to the person you are addressing. If this girl takes your breath away, or you simply must talk to her, just do it, and tell her how you feel. The worst she can do is say no.

Your pick-up line could not only be the start of a wonderful relationship, but it  has the potential to become a dear, life-long memory!