Women - will we ever get it right?

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We all know that women can be very complicated. To make matters worse, scientists have made a new discovery to make man’s life even more difficult than it has been.

Women can multi-task, are difficult to fathom, take long to get dressed and are emotional, can change their mind at a whim and they rarely say what they mean. These are just some of the reasons men give me as to why they don’t understand women.

Just in case you didn’t think women were complicated, researchers from the Concordia University in Montreal, Canada have recently published new findings on orgasms for women...and just like that, all that men thought they knew are less (or more) than they actually thought...

Let’s start with what we do know: Women love to orgasm. They can reach a climax in anything from 3 seconds to 3 hours and they often require foreplay to get there. They can have multiple orgasms in a short period of time and achieve orgasms through stimulating the clitoris, vagina or both. The general belief is that women need sex less often than men do.

We also know that an orgasm is never affected by one thing only. For the ladies, it is always a combination of things such as her mood, the setting, her cycle, whether the kids are safe, the amount of foreplay involved and the position.  The moment also depends on many other variants such as her personality, sexual prowess and what you have done or didn’t do to upset her over the last couple of days.

The article published in the journal “Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology” (Volume 6, 2016), claims findings that women can achieve orgasms by stimulating more parts on the body than just the above mentioned. Yes, we all knew about erogenous zones like the nipple, lips, ears, neck and toes. But we didn’t know that stimulating them only could bring a woman to orgasm!

According to these scientists, the experience and effect it would have would vary from woman to woman, based on preferences of course, and could be enjoyed in combination of stimulating other zones, or not. And as per usual, the where, how and when of touching and stimulation would also differ from woman to woman.

So apart from figuring out when your lady is in the mood, you now will also have to find out whether she has specific areas you can touch to make her ‘happy’, if there are any spots to touch or stimulate to add to her pleasure and also to your sexual workout. Finding these zones could make your life a lot easier and it could be a lot of fun doing the experiments of finding out.

Sometimes men find sex hard work, depending on their age and interest, and perhaps these additional complications may not seem worth the effort.  However I do believe that there are fellows who are keen on the adventure and experiment and are willing to test the theory.

My father’s good advice to many guys were: Don’t ever try to understand a woman, you must simply love her. It seems that there’s more to loving than we initially realised. Challenge accepted?