Take her places

Great Sex tips from our expert

There’s more sex tips in this article than in ten articles put together!

There are so many reasons why and so many ways how to spice up your sex life. I suggest: taking your woman….places! Yes, you’ve heard it all before, but have you ever actually implemented it? Just take one of these pieces of advice and do it once a week over the next three weeks or months. Don’t do it all at once – your partner will think something’s up (or wrong), and she’ll want to know who you’ve been ‘talking’ to…

When I say take your woman Places, the first thing I am talking about is locality. We settle into routine and the ordinary of life, it happens, but the last thing we want is for sex to become drudgery.

Be practical about it: take your partner PLACES: go for a walk down your street, go watch the rugby in a different place to your local space (must you two always hang with friends?), take her for breakfast on Sunday (or Saturday, or one day in the week, unexpectedly, at the office, for that matter). Take her away for a weekend, for a picnic on a sunny afternoon, to the movies, to the theatre, to a local museum, to a fishing spot…(nobody said you have to fish…). Take an evening drive, park the car in a safe spot…you get my drift.

The whole intention is for you and your partner to get some quality time together: away from your pals, your family, kids and routine. It is essential to spend time in the other’s company, to make the other one feel special and important, the partner of choice. Know that these will become times when you have earnest heart to hearts, when you will sort out some serious issues, when you will laugh till your cheeks hurt. And that’s the whole idea: when your partner knows, feels and sees that she is number one in your life, she will blossom and open up, in more ways than one. Essentially, the purpose is one of quality time and bonding, but there will be countless times where the emotional intimacy will lead to physical intimacy. If the opportunity presents itself where you are, go for it, right there and then, be naughty and kinky or loving and gently as and if the opportunity presents itself. If