7 Tips for long term relationships

Living together couple

For those of us who have been in a long term relationship, you will know the feeling that things sometimes get stuck in a rut. At the beginning of a new relationship we make a big effort to ensure we only show our best aspects. We cut our fingernails, tidy the house, and think of awesome things to do together. Our Enthusiasm levels are through the roof and our hearts pound through our chests when we see the lady of our dreams. After a while we get too comfortable and start letting ourselves slip by forgetting to make an effort, letting our blemishes all hang out, and we take on the mentality that, ‘’she accepts me for who I am.’’ This may be true, but there are limits as too how far you can take this sort of behaviour.

  1. Pull Your Weight

Men and women are wired differently! For us men, leaving the dishes until the next day is not necessarily the end of the world, however, for a lady (ok maybe not all of them) this could be the difference between getting lucky and having a blow out and ending up with you sleeping on the couch. If it’s your turn to do chores, just get them done. It’s as simple as that! By pulling your weight around the house, you’re essentially keeping the peace and keeping her happy at the same time. I know this sounds like a cliché, but it’s true, that’s why everyone keeps saying it!

  1. Make it interesting every time

In the beginning of your relationship, you probably couldn’t keep your hands off each other. Sneaky sessions in public restrooms were common and long days in bed together was what made up your quality time together. Shake things up and get back to basics! Focus on why she is so attractive to you, initiate intimacy at every opportunity and try something new every time. Get out of your stale unimaginative train of thought and get kinky, be naughty, be exciting.

  1. Rediscover your relationships zest for life

It’s amazing how getting out of your routine and doing something different as a couple can rejuvenate a relationship. Talk to each other and decide on something the two of you would like to