10 essential stress relievers for your hectic life

Strees reliever

We live frantic lives which are full of demands and riddled with deadlines, meetings, appointments and a constant need to split our attention between family, work and finances. And when we aren’t running around like bulls chasing a matador, our minds are constantly plagued by the need for life policies, insurance, medical aids, electricity bills, pension funds and school fees. Take a look at these stress relievers, some of which will work immediately and others which you should incorporate into your daily routine!

Meditate away from the madness

Meditation is a way to calm the mind and centre ourselves through constant practice. It need not have any religious connotations and is simply about breathing techniques and a focus on deep concentration.

Sit comfortably and quietly, somewhere where you won’t be disturbed. This will take loads of practice, but empty your mind and think of nothing. As thoughts enter your mind, gently let them go until your mind is clear again.

Start breathing with a few deep slow breaths through your nose. After 10 or so breaths, return your breathing to normal.

Find a hobby and have some constructive fun

Not only is joy and pleasure a stress reliever, but the sense of achievement you’ll get from your new found hobby will assist you to feel better as well.

Your new hobby will more than likely require you to concentrate on whatever it is that you are doing, and this in turn will allow you to forget your troubles, as your focus will be drawn to the magnificent piece of art, model ship, bike ride or musical instrument you have decided to master.

Exercise without excuses

Getting active is a fantastic way to relieve stress. When we get active, endorphins are released which offer a mild sense of euphoria. This is why we get that great feeling after a rigorous workout. Being fit is also a good way to hold stress at bay by depleting the stress hormones which our bodies generate.

Sex, everyday

Sex releases a ‘feel good’ hormone from our brains and revs up our mental pleasure and reward system. Think about it, have you ever been unhappy after sex?

Besides positive mental effects, sex can also count as exercise. So the moral of this story is, if you’re not in the gym, get into the bedroom!

Laugh at anything and everything, often

Stress relief methods basically all have one thing in common, and that is