Are your 2015 resolutions holding up?

Resolutions 2015

On her Facebook page my daughter asks: why is it that we work so hard to reach the end of the year, just to start all over again? I can hear the melancholy in her question. But, I suppose, that is essentially what New Year is about: a new beginning, a fresh start....

How many of us have had or considered New Year’s resolutions at the turn of every year? Maybe even contemplated them long in advance? How many resolutions have you attempted? Failed at? Even been successful with?

We’re sitting around at Christmas (which seems long gone already), talking... I hear the new year’s resolutions coming through thick and fast: the diet starts, quit smoking for real this time, start an exercise routine, sort out the garage/ study, spend more time with the kids, consume less alcohol, have more family time, reduce debt, read more often, the list goes on. I sit there nodding in agreement with every resolution, I might as well jot them down on a list and make them my goals for 2015, as I agree with all of them! And all around the table murmurs of agreement resound – after all, it’s only Christmas, and having to stick to those resolutions are still far off!

And now it’s here: 2015. Not only is it here, the first month is almost gone!!. Twenty-Extreme, I write in the front of my new diary, praying that this will be a breakthrough year for me personally. And of the four resolutions I have decided upon so firmly, I have upheld two without hassle. The other two? I’ll definitely start tomorrow!

What is it that makes us celebrate the arrival of a new year with so much enthusiasm and joy? Is it the prospect of the fresh start? The new beginning? The optimism? The knowledge that it is a familiar unknown: there are 365 days of new opportunities, AND the opportunity to start anew, next December? Is it the anticipation of what this year might hold? The dream of things that could be...? The chance to set things straight? To right the wrongs of the past year- or to just leave them behind?

As unpredictable as the future may be, this New Year had me contemplating the past one: And I think there has been one thing in common for everybody: we all have felt the financial pinch, to a lesser and larger degree. It’s not a perfect world, I’m not oblivious to the financial upheavals internationally, the global political fighting, the loss of lives, the increase of religious terrorism, but there’s a lot to look forward to: reduced petrol prices, endless opportunities of new days, the chance of doing things differently or better this time round….

So what to make of the year ahead? Apart from the resolutions, I am sure that we all have goals for the year, dreams for things to come. My nephew is getting married in June; my sister is preparing for extraordinary adventures. My diary for January is already crammed, but for the most part: my goal is to do many things DIFFERENTLY, more radically this take more chances, live more ‘risky’…

What are your goals, your dreams for this year?

Whatever they may be and whoever you choose to share them with: my wish for you is that you will find the clarity of mind to determine the right ones, and the tenacity of heart to see them through, that you will be able to apologise when necessary, admit mistakes, and forgive yourself for them!

Mostly, that you will spend many happy hours in the company of SA Men!