6 Essential Health Checks for 2015


They say that prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to our health, nothing can be more true. By living a healthy lifestyle - eating right, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep, we are essentially taking good care of ourselves, and in theory should continue to live long healthy lives. But how many of us regularly go to the doc to get check ups done? It’s an important part of making sure we’re healthy and all of the gears and gadgets are working properly. We take our cars for regular services and check ups, so isn’t it about time we start taking ourselves in for health checks and medical examinations as well? Here’s a list of annual check ups you should seriously consider getting done at least once a year, and although medical exams and screenings are dependant on your age and lifestyle, we’ve set out a few of the more important ones for you to consider: 1. Don’t blow a blood vessel Make sure you have your blood pressure tested. As we get older our blood vessels become stiffer, meaning it is essential to know what your blood pressure is, to avoid things like strokes, heart attacks and kidney disease. 2. Lay off the bacon until you check your cholesterol A cholesterol disorder occurs when you have too many fatty substances circulating in your blood stream. The old saying of, ‘’you are what you eat,’’ stands true here. With today’s lifestyle and eating habits, many people should have their cholesterol checked regularly. 3. Invasive? Yes! Make sure you have your prostate checked, especially as you get older, this check up is very important to make sure there is no enlargement of your prostate which could cause cancer. It is a pretty uncomfortable procedure, but one that is done quickly and should be done from time to time. 4. Check your insides for irregularities Have your colon and rectum checked to ensure there is no abnormal growth. Often cancer in this area can be caused by these abnormal growths which should be removed as soon as they are detected. Sooner, rather than later is naturally the better option. 5. Make sure you still see life in HD Eye sight deterioration happens slowly over time, so make sure you have an eye test done this annually. You never know, your eyes may have downgraded to the clarity of an old 80’s box tv, when you should have clear HD vision. 6. Keep those pearly whites, pearly white Not many people enjoy a trip to the dentist, but by checking your teeth and getting them cleaned by a dentist twice a year will prevent problems later on. You’ll also be able to prevent any painful sensations that wake you up in the middle of the night, causing you to have to sit through a root-canal session the next morning. Take some time out of your schedule during the course of the year and get yourself checked out. The peace of mind you’ll have afterwards is priceless. Our bodies are like cars - they deteriorate over time, yet they can have a longer and fuller life if they are regularly attended to. So make an effort to look after yourself, you won’t regret it!