The determination and psyche behind the ultimate body.

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Summer Body? Make up Your Mind!

If you want the ultimate body, you will also need to re-condition your mind, thoughts, and ideas. Let’s face it, a lot of us have the ultimate goal in mind, and we usually work hard for a week or two. Before we know it we’ve fallen back into our old habits and are no closer to achieving that ironing-board like stomach. The guilt builds up and the feelings of regret eat away at us, for a while that is. Eventually we make excuses as to why it can’t happen and that it’s ok, we’ll try again next month. And of course, the cycle continues month to month, year to year.

Will a Healthier Body Mean a Happier Life?

We need to understand what it is we actually want to achieve, is it increased fitness, more strength, toned muscles, or weight loss. And then, why do we want that? Why will our lives be better once we have achieved these goals? Once you’ve answered that, you’ll have a clear and exact reason to get excited about achieving the goal. It won’t be easy; the name of the game is dedication and discipline. Your mind is a powerful tool that will aid you in your quest, or drag you down and make excuses as to why you should just quit.

Make a Plan for YOUR OWN Goal!

Work out your training routine by speaking to a gym instructor or doing a little on-line research. Work out your plan for the week that you are happy with, don’t just use someone else’s, as everyone is different. This way you will also know exactly what you need to do, before you get to the gym, track, or pool as you’ve already started mentally preparing for it. By measuring your performance you will see your improvement over time which is a major confidence booster.

Become a Healthy Food Eating, Zombie

Initially you may need to force yourself off the couch. No matter how badly you don’t want to exercise, become a zombie and just get your body into your workout gear. As long as you’re up and doing the exercise you’re supposed to be doing, you’re doing well. Just get up and do it! In time it will become routine and you will look forward to getting stuck in, you’ll feel broken but satisfied and it will become part of your lifestyle.

With any quest for the ultimate body comes a possible need to establish a decent eating plan. The bottom line is that eating things like KFC or McDonalds will simply require that you work twice as hard next time. It kind of defeats the object. As South African men, we love eating meat, so try and stick to eating things like lean red meat, turkey, chicken without the skin, and fish. Sweet Potato is a better form of carbs than normal potatoes and the least cooked your veggies are, the more nutrients and vitamins they retain. It’s not that difficult to eat healthily, just think before you cook, and think twice before you order that double burger, when a single will do.

Think, Therefore You Will BE!

So in a nutshell, pick a fitness goal, understand it and work out how you will achieve that goal. Remember your body is a machine for the soul, if your mind and internal energies are positive, vibrant and excited, your body will be able to reach further, jump higher and run longer. Think holistically when you decide to aim for the ultimate body. You need to eat better, think better, believe in yourself and keep your goal in mind right to the end. Go for it, we’re rooting for you!