Surviving a big night out the morning after

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Whether you plan it or not, a big night out is going to happen somewhere along the way. How many times have you said, ‘’babe, I’m just going for one beer with so and so…’’ and then ended up coming home at three in the morning. Usually it’s the night before a day of planned DIY, shopping and lunch with the in-laws. Well, we’ve got some great tips to help you get through it and come out the other side a better man. Our tips will vary depending on the occasion. For instance if it’s a boys weekend away consisting of solid drinking, fishing (the rods never actually get unpacked and you come home saying things like, ‘’ there wasn’t a single fish in that dam.’’ ) and then more drinking, the solution will simply be to suck it up and pour yourself a regmaaker in the morning.

So how do you survive the morning after a heavy night out? There are a couple of extreme solutions we suggest for those who are able enough to do it. Go for a run! Yes, we know this is probably the last thing on earth you feel like doing, and there probably won’t be too many guys who will, but get the blood flowing, sweat out the toxins and breath in that fresh air. It’ll do you the world of good, and by the time you sneak away from lunch at the in-laws a little early for an afternoon nap, all you’ll be feeling is tired. The light headed buzz will be gone, there’ll be no sighs of anguish and you’ll be feeling vaguely human again.

The other alternative to try may be an hour in the sauna with a huge jug of iced water mixed with mint leaves, lime zest, ginger and lemon peels. Sit in the sauna and sweat out the last remaining drops of Jagermeister and tequila, and replace with the delicious, natural water concoction next to you. As you are de-hydrated this is a natural solution, and the added ingredients will also replace the missing vitamins your body is craving so badly.

Probably a very good thing to do at this point, once you’ve completed your hangover removal exercises as mentioned above, is to take a quick trip down to American Swiss, walk straight up to the counter and ask for a very expensive piece of jewellery for the lady in your life. This will assist with preventing the headache from getting worse, as there’ll be no screaming and shouting on your way to get the garden supplies for the remodelling you’ve been planning for weeks. Present the gift to your lady, and then give her a bit of space.

Another great solution to try would be to give your doctor or medic friend a call. These guys are great to have as mates, as there is a good chance they may have access to vitamin B injections. Because your body has pretty much used up any vitamins, minerals and healthy liquids it had, you’ll need to get these replenished A.S.A.P. Needless to say, a few grandpa powders before you go to sleep won’t hurt. Unfortunately though, these aren’t always possible to remember. So if you didn’t the night before, take a few as soon as you wake up. They work wonders for the throb going on inside the engine room (your brain which thought it was a good idea to show off and down those three beers) that got you into this mess in the first place.

Basically, your body and mind are completely run down the morning after a heavy night. The aim is to get back on track as quickly as possible. Keep these methods a secret so that when you show up to see your buddies the day after, and you’re feeling on top of the world while they’re hanging like dogs, they’ll either think you’re a machine, or they’ll think they were hallucinating when they saw you klapping all those shots right next to them the night before. It’s all about survival! And the Alpha male knows how to party, keep his lady happy, redesign a garden and show up for lunch with the in-laws all in a 24 hour period. With these tips my friend, you are the Alpha male!