Mind your (bedside) manners

Man kissing woman public

It was a successful evening, and it ended up hot and satisfying… You really would like to see her again, but now she is giving you the cold shoulder… Is it possible that you could have done something wrong after the two of you had sex? Could it be…?

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Mind your manners


The age of chivalry is dead, and it saddens me. I know that women are emancipated, that men are men, and that we all are equals. I know there is a general exchange and confusion of roles. Men are becoming stay-at-home dads, while their wives are the breadwinners and become CEOs of companies.

I’m fine with all that. What really upsets me is the apparent disrespect we have for each other. Not only for people of the opposite sex, but for each other, even for ourselves. It’s the general, overall lack of respect and total lack of manners that gets to me.

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Tightening the financial belt

Empty wallet

We’re all feeling the financial pinch at the moment. Prices and interest rates are going up, and our salaries are not increased accordingly. Here are some handy tips to help you cope financially, now and in the long run.

Pay up:

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5 Magic reasons to stay married

Magic of married life

Why do people get married at all? Many of our religions say we should do it, as it’s the right thing to do in the eyes of God, and legally it makes sense to get married when we start to have children, buy houses and share our assets. But marriage in a perfect world is much more than that. I say, ‘a perfect world’ because for whatever reason, many people in our modern age take the oath to be faithful and to honour each other ‘until death do us part’ and yet in reality, divorce statistics are on the rise.

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Wardrobe fails

What men shouldnt wear

Okay guys it’s time to face up to the fact that we can’t wear anything we want. At least, if we want anyone to look at us twice with anything but pity...

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How to survive retrenchment

Surviving retrenchment

Retrenchment is a very realistic nightmare in our economy. It is unpredictable and horrible, and sometimes unexpected. Most times, retrenchment comes when you can least afford it. Here are a couple of tips from someone who has survived retrenchment - three times.

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WhatsApp Doc?

WhatsApp vs MTN and Vodacom

Okay, so apparently Over the Top operators like WhatsApp and Facebook, are robbing our local cellphone operators.

“How’s that?” You ask.

Well, according to MTN and Vodacom, the Apps we love to use most, WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype, are cutting into their profit margins, while leaving cellphone companies to pick up the bill.

After all, they argue, local cellphone companies invest millions in infrastructure and operational fees, while OTT operators just waltz in and offer a service; a service we all want, without having to pay a penny towards keeping things running.

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Should we still ask if we should live together before marriage?

Romantic home dinner

It’s a simple question. You love the person. You really, really like them. You’re thinking of tying the knot. Should you live together before marriage?

We’ve found a couple of opinions, and these seem to be in line with the general opinion. Let’s start with those who think it’s a great idea:


As living together simulates reality, it is an excellent trial run for marriage. When you live with someone, you learn a lot about them.

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All is fair in love and grooming – or is it?

Men vs women grooming

Men really do have it easy when it comes to grooming. Let's face it, men only have to sh*t, shave and shower, ét voila, they're gorgeous and ready to go!

Apparently, women have to be thin, sexy, well-dressed, wear make-up and high heels to be attractive. They also have to colour and highlight their hair, have long, false nails, and have boobs of a particular size. What a girl doesn’t ‘have’, she must get. Lately, that includes big butts - if tabloids are to be believed.

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Pray for humanity

Pray for paris

Very few people were not horrified by the atrocity of the terror-killings on 13 November in Paris, capital of France, known as the City of Love. Perhaps these killings struck a note with many because it is easy to imagine that it could have been you: a night-time dinner at a restaurant, an evening out at a metal concert, a dream overseas holiday gone horribly wrong...

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