How firm is your….(Grip)?

Why is a firm handshake necessary

It’s interesting what attracts people. There are a number of things that attracts colleagues, friends, bosses or lovers on a personal and business level to others... and perhaps you would like to smarten up on what may or not be losing you that great opportunity on a personal or work level.

First impressions last, and us ladies look at your… hands for instance. Some of us are very attracted to hands so it is important that your nails are clean and kept short. There are strange things that can put us off, such as dirty shoes. Or white socks. Or a bow tie. Sounds like a losing battle, right?

Men are put off too. They dislike their partner wearing socks to bed, or being clumsy all the time, for instance. They are put off by women who are overly into their soapies as if it is real life and they dislike women who can’t put down their cellphone or think that social media is their job, not a pastime. Men are uncomfortable with women who are uncomfortable with their food or with their own bodies. Constantly helpless women puts everybody off. 

These choices and preferences are different for different people, so the good news is that whatever you may be doing may just be perfect for someone who would like you. Unfortunately, there are some things that are just off-putting to a great many people, men and women alike, whether in a personal or professional capacity.

I for example, would never be able to date a smoker. Should the relationship turn into a long-term one, I would have to live with furniture, curtains, clothes, cars and hair that smell, with ashtrays and smelly breath, and all those moments of waiting for someone to finish their cigarette so we can leave, eat, go, sleep. Worst is, one can’t insist that the person quit – it was their habit when you met, and I am a firm believer that you have no right to ask someone to change who they are – especially if it was something you knew about when you first met them.

The same things don’t put the same people off. Lucky for us. In the world of business, and on a personal level alike, there are some things that put the majority of people off. Learn about these things - protect your job as well as you can. If you are employed and you are: gossiping, judging, negative, exaggerating or making excuses it will see you soon losing the popularity poll and eventually your job.

You will be considered as obnoxious if you: talk very loud all the time, command rather than request, if you act uncaringly or thoughtlessly, make insensitive comments and always have to have the last word, if you try to monopolise the meeting, conversation or telephone call, and if you think you are above all the rules and regulations that apply to everybody else (says Dianne Booher, company CEO). The research of Geoff Williams (Open Forum) has provided us with obvious (!?) items that put colleagues and bosses off you: constantly being late, being poorly dressed (even if casual is in), chewing gum, constantly using business jargon and being pushy or aggressive when trying to make a sale or a point.

Two things the majority of people agree on that puts them off, is (whether male or female) a lack of eye contact when conversing, meeting or/or greeting, and the worst turn-off: a limp handshake.

Nobody wants to handle a pancake handshake. It seems to display lack of self-confidence and simply feels weird. From a female’s perspective: if a man has a limp handshake, I think everything else of his is limp and weak!