If I were President

If i were president

At this stage we all feel ANYBODY can do a better job than our current no 1, and we all have very clear ideas of what we would do differently. If I was to become president, these are the things I would do….

I would give back the universities and further education institutions their autonomy which they lost on 24 May 2016. Essentially, if the minister ‘thinks’ the university is not transforming fast enough the university can be placed under government control. Bye-bye free thinking. Hello, totalitarian state…

I would admit defeat, apologise to my public and scrap this e-toll system that we so ridiculously and expensively put in place. The money that was spent should not go to waste: the systems, overhead booms and cameras will be used for the protection of my public. If a vehicle is stolen or hi-jacked or involved in criminal activity, we will use the cameras and electronic systems to communicate with police and security officials to track the position and routing of the vehicle and catch the criminals. The Sanral vehicles and staff member will be there for the assistance of the public. For roadside assistance, highway control and constant communication with safety, emergency and medical personnel in case of breakdowns or accidents. This service is paid for by your fuel levy.

Still on the road, I would regulate towing vehicle operators. They are entrepreneurial and quick to respond – always first on the scene of an accident. They will not be allowed to operate if they have not been tested, certified and equipped to provide medical assistance to injured people first. 

Just like Easter weekend, I will have the dates of public holidays be moved around so that the days will fall on Fridays and Mondays. This will ensure that there will be a regular long weekend once a month. Certain sectors of industry would get specific weekends off, ‘compulsory’ on a rotational basis. Yes, it will take some planning to be fair to all and give everyone a turn at a long weekend just for them, but regular monthly long weekends will ensure that holiday resorts and destinations are always full and will keep their prices down, and it will also prevent peak long weekends with peak traffic and mass deaths on our roads.

Food and t-shirt hand-outs at election time will not be allowed, and ministers will personally be held responsible, and probably fined, if they make election promises and don’t keep them. Election posters may only be up on a specific date and has to be down by another – with a penalty payment by the political party on the electricity bill of the community where they are not removed on time.

Teachers, police and nursing staff will be paid more. They provide vital services to our society and should be treated like the truly important people they are. I will also ensure that public hospitals, clinics and medical providers are properly stocked and staffed. Doctors will not be allowed to work 36-hour shifts and will be provided with a place to sleep before they drive home.

I will legalise cannabis and control road and traffic, speeding offences and drunken driving more strictly.  And I will spend fortunes on improving our education system.

Convicted criminals who are in jail will not be allowed to vote. They can have that privilege once they are legally back in society.

If I was president, infrastructure will be looked after, starting with the painting of lines and arrows on all road surfaces, the repairs of potholes and traffic lights as soon as they are reported. Officials who take bribes, are corrupt or take money from the public in any form (including misspending of funds), will be fired (not suspended), prosecuted and fined, if not jailed.

Oh, and I wouldn’t have to pay back the money because I wouldn’t have taken any…