6 Ways to get your body ready for the beaches.

Beach body  nov

There’s nothing like the start of summer to make you wonder whether you’re ready to bare it all on the beach. The sun’s up, shirts are off, and you’re a little out of shape. If you’re more flab than abs, don’t panic. We’ve put together some body rocking tips to get you toned, trim and ready to strut your stuff on the beach.

No pain, no gain

Let’s start off with the obvious. Exercise is the first step to getting that elusive six pack and killer pecs. Grab your barbells and dumbbells or hit the weightlifting machine at the gym to build muscle in your upper body. Exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and bench pressing are also a great way to get quick results. Don’t forget to rest though. Muscles need about 48 to 72 hours to recover between strength workouts to avoid causing damage. Not sure where to start? Consider getting a personal trainer to help set up the perfect routine for your body type and goals.

Snack attack

It’s no surprise that exercise and diet go hand in hand. No matter how much physical training you do, it won’t make a difference is you’re stuffing your face with unhealthy food every day. The key to burning calories is increasing your metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the faster you burn fat. The best way to do this is by eating five or six small meals a day (no bigger than the size of your palm). This keeps you full all day, instead of starving yourself and pigging out on pizza and ice cream for dinner. Try to get some protein such as nuts, eggs, chickpeas, chicken or fish into every meal.

Lighten up

There’s nothing like a puffy waistline to ruin your streamlined look. Beat the bloat by cutting down on salt in your diet and bulking up on fibre. Avoid salty foods, including processed meat, cottage cheese and most takeaway meals. Instead, opt for fresh veggies, fruit, lean meat and whole grains. Brown rice, beans, raspberries and avos are awesome sources of fibre. Remember, when it comes to any diet, it’s all about balance. Keep an eye on your quantities to make sure you get the all the nutrients you need.