Get your ultimate summer body at home

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Take Your Shirt Off This Summer- Get a Beach Body at Home!

The problem with modern living is that everything needs to happen now! The boss wants that report yesterday, your customer wants the quotation in five minutes, and your car needs servicing before the engine falls out. Life is fast paced, busy, and things need to be prioritised. So how does working out fit in? Well, usually it doesn’t!

Life won’t wait so change your daily routine!

The dilemma is we all want to get in shape, we want to get active and get ready for summer and maybe even aim to enter a race or two, but the gym is expensive, and you’d have to sit in traffic before, or after work to get there. Before you give up all hope and reach for that extra chicken wing and cold frosty, take a look below, we may have one or two ideas for you to try out.

First of all you need to realise that nothing worthwhile is easy. You’re going to have to put in some hard work. Secondly, you need a goal. There’s no point in pushing yourself if you don’t actually know what you’re doing it for. Maybe you just want to shed a few kg’s or tone the body you have. Maybe you even want to enter a race or event. Whatever it is, once you’ve decided, it’s time to start looking around the house for things to use as make-shift gym equipment.

Gym? Who needs it!

You have the ultimate weight training system literally under your nose. Your body weight is perfect for strength training, and no matter what your ultimate goal is, your body will need strengthening as well as toning. So mix up your routine with cardiovascular exercises like running. Stretching exercises like yoga or pilates, and strength training like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, crunches and plank exercises.

WOW! Have you been working out?

All of these exercises can be done at home and won’t cost a cent. If you go for a run, do push-ups, or bench press the dog every day, realise that at first you may not be able to do as you much as you did when you had Mr vd Merwe chasing you around the rugby field at school. Take it easy and let your body adapt to the new lifestyle you are entering into. Let the improvement happen, it will be slow at first and others will probably realise before you do.

Back to Basic Training

Push-ups are age old exercises that have been used for centuries to increase strength. Try the 12-10-8 / 10-8-6 routine for a while and see how that treats you. Basically it’s 12 push-ups with wide arms, 10 normal push ups, and 8 push-ups with your forefinger and thumbs touching. After the first 3 sets do another 3 with the same formations but decrease the numbers so you do 10, 8 and 6 push ups.

Find a strong branch outside, or buy one of those poles you can wedge between your door frames so that you can get a few pull ups in as well. Once again, vary your exercises with wide arms, hands together etc. soon enough you’ll be doing pull-ups with one hand.

For leg strength, try doing squats against a wall. Sit on an imaginary chair with your back against the wall and hold it for a few seconds. Relax, and do it again. If you’re lucky enough to live close to the beach, run in the soft sand or up a few sand dunes and you’ll soon realise you have muscles you had forgotten about.

Strength Comes from Within!

Core strength and supple muscles are essential if you’re going to reach your ultimate goal. Not only are core strength exercises fantastic for increasing muscle ability, but also for toning and losing weight. Yoga, which is also fantastic for effective breathing, and pilates are possibly the best ways to improve your body in these areas. Hop onto YouTube and search for 20 or 30 minute video’s for you to do every day, you’ll soon feel the difference they make.

In order to lose weight, get toned, or increase your fitness level, your muscles need re-conditioning, the fat needs to be burnt away and your lung capacity needs to increase. The only way to achieve these things is by habitual exercise. Just think about it like this, every aching step you take, jelly-armed push-up you do, or burning yoga stance you hold, you’re getting that tiny bit closer to your goal. And as Madiba said ‘’it always seems impossible until it’s done!’’