6 Ways to get your body ready for the beaches.

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There’s nothing like the start of summer to make you wonder whether you’re ready to bare it all on the beach. The sun’s up, shirts are off, and you’re a little out of shape. If you’re more flab than abs, don’t panic. We’ve put together some body rocking tips to get you toned, trim and ready to strut your stuff on the beach.

No pain, no gain

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Get in the water and swim a mile

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Open water swimming is different in every regard from the swimming you did at school, where it was all about short sprints. This is a different game all together. Usually you’ll be swimming in a dam, or in the sea. There are no lanes, you’re in the middle of a crowded line-up and you’ve got to get yourself to each buoy and back to the finish line. Unless you’re one of the pro’s competing for a place, the best thing about the sport is that you only really compete against yourself. Aim for a time, and crack on.

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Get your ultimate summer body at home

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Take Your Shirt Off This Summer- Get a Beach Body at Home!

The problem with modern living is that everything needs to happen now! The boss wants that report yesterday, your customer wants the quotation in five minutes, and your car needs servicing before the engine falls out. Life is fast paced, busy, and things need to be prioritised. So how does working out fit in? Well, usually it doesn’t!

Life won’t wait so change your daily routine!

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