Social media in your business

Social media and your business

It is widely accepted that social media is there to channel people towards your website. Consequently, your website should sell your service or product. But in this fast-moving, big-data, tech-driven online world things change quicker than a toddler’s mind in a toy store. As a matter of fact, by the time I have finished writing this, half of it would probably be lies and the other half skew or outdated. So I’ll type fast. There are oceans of social media sites all trying to get rich like Mark Zuckerberg with their twist on how to make a Facebook better or add something special to a Twitter, but we all know there are only a few really hot (and necessary) social media sites your business has to utilise. Of course there are horses for course, so not all social media may be applicable for your business. For example, if you run a brothel, pictures may be more important than tweeting on Brandy’s STD status. “Breaking news! Brandy is HIV neg, but the herpes is back. #phew #dang.” Here is a list of some high-ranking social media sites and how to utilise it in your business. Facebook (Afr: Vleisbroek) Facebook is mostly for people you already know or have a connection with. You invite current personal friends to your business profile etc., but unless the masses are looking specifically for your company, they will probably never stumble upon it. Once you have a good following, you can post notifications or give some advice. Join likened FB profiles and become part of a community that fits in with your target market. The coolest thing about Facebook is that you can advertise cheaply to your exceptionally specific target market (e.g. 57 to 58-year-old men who likes news, travels often and has moles on their left ears). Twitter In my opinion, Twitter is the most powerful tool to use in a business. You involve yourself in discussion groups relevant to your business. You act as the authority and can give sage advice or help followers around difficult concepts. With this, you build a reputation and is a constant factor in the e.g. #officefurniture hashtag. And where will they go to when the want to buy office furniture? You,