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Triby alexa voice service invoxia

based, these can be from anywhere in the world! Like the phone, there is also an additional menu button which means you can add more stations when you want a change from the 2 pre-sets.

If you think this is enough to convince you - there's more. In-between these groups of buttons is a cool e-Ink display. This not only lets you see what is going on with Triby, but it also displays the current time, weather and humidity, along with station information and phone calls. But wait... there is more and not even fake more like infomercials! On the side of the unit is a little yellow tab. This is the doodle tab. From the app you can send a doodle to Triby. This can be typed or drawn with your finger. Once delivered, the little yellow tab pops out and a “ping” goes off, notifying everyone of a new message. Once someone has read it they can reply with a list of pre-determined emoticons or just push the tab back in. You will then receive a notification via the app advising that the doodle has been read. The message also stays on the screen until the next doodle is sent , this is great for visual reminders that you will see every time you go to the fridge (for example).

The sound that comes from Triby is really impressive. It uses a technology called "In Vivo Acoustic". The microphones are so powerful that I have spoken to Triby from about 5 meters away! Besides the radio stations (and there are about 27000 online stations from around the world to choose from) you can also play Spotify, iHeart or TuneIn and even music from your phone via Bluetooth. You can link your phone via Bluetooth for calls when your hands are dirty from cooking or cleaning. The music can be stopped or started by the Play/Pause button on Triby or via the app.

Triby will even tell you when it is running low on battery, and can then be charged. Now the charging component is an important discussion in its own. Not only for the obvious reason that without power Triby won't work, but for one last and really big feature. Now I really feel like one of those infomercials – “But wait there is more…” but there really is. Triby is Amazon Alexa Voice ready!

This feature is not available in South-Africa yet (a search here and there and this problem is overcome). But be that as it may, I have Alexa working on my Triby. It is very cool. So I mentioned the power cord earlier. The reason for doing so is that while Triby is charging all you need to do is say “Alexa”, pause and then ask a question like “How many table spoons are in a cup?". Without having to wash your hands you can get information so that your baking doesn’t have to pause while you are trying to find this info. You can ask about upcoming appointments, set reminders and all the other features covered by Alexa Voice too. Without the power cord you can set the feature to still work but this obviously drains battery more due to the constant listening. There is a small button on the side of Triby that you just tap and then ask the question (no need to even say Alexa either).

Triby is not available yet locally, but you can get it online. Believe me... it is worth every cent and then some.