Home connectivity re-invented!

Triby alexa voice service invoxia

Ok, this has to be my gadget of the year! Seriously! It is hard to describe this amazing piece of tech. The Triby is like our family’s new best friend.

It looks like a small briefcase (in 2D) and is about the size of a DVD case opened. Whoa – what a cool device! Did I mention that it is my favourite device for 2016?

So, let’s start. They say the heart of the home is in the kitchen. Another favourite saying is that something has everything in it, except the kitchen sink. Well, this has that too!

Apart from its funky design, the back of Triby is magnetic, which means you can stick it neatly to your fridge. That being said, I have taken Triby outdoors and to other rooms. My house has steel doorposts so when working in other rooms I can just attach it. “Why would I want to do that?” you might ask. Triby is entertainment, information and communication all in one. The unit is also setup and used/or engaged with via the companion app (Apple and Android).

Let’s start with the primary function (well for me anyway) – phone calls. There are two dedicated buttons (little phone icons) on the Triby that you can set as pre-set numbers. Yes I know you have a phone (which incidentally connects via Bluetooth, we'll talk more about that later), but at the push of the button one of the presets are dialed and the call comes through via the companion app. Why is this a big deal? It's VOIP therefore it is effectively a free call (if you are on WiFi or using data if you are running around). I was overseas and received calls via Triby for free, this is really big for me! There is also the reverse, I can call Triby (or any of the other number listed in the group) through the app, which means in-bound and out-bound calls are free! There is also a menu button below the two pre-sets where you can store additional numbers, so just by scrolling through the list you will get hold of other people who also have the app on their devices.

On the other side of the device there are two little radio icon buttons, which (and yes you guessed it) enables you to pre-set your favourite stations. As it is web