Landline calls are so this season!

Make my smartphone my landline voice bridge

In a country where we have so many Entrepreneurs and people working from home offices or are always on the road – staying in contact is easy but expensive. Up until now the only choice you had was to have an answering machine at home (or someone to actually answer the call for you, which is not always ideal or affordable) or to pay your cellphone provider for call-forwarding. The later works well except you pay to receive the calls and at local cellular rates that can add up really quickly! The other costly exercise is making calls. I know some people don’t really care that they are calling a landline from their cellphones, but honestly this really bugs me as I know what a landline call costs and this is way below the going rate of any of the evil mobile networks.

Fear not friends; this is all about to change thanks to an amazing little product from Invoxia called the Voice Bridge. Basically you plug it in to your home or office line and your modem and set up is so easy your 80-year-old grandmother could do it.

So what does the Voice Bridge do?

Basically it has 3 core functions.

1.    It uses data to make calls

Once you have set up the base station you can pair up to 5 mobile devices (phones or tablets). Then when the landline rings and you are not home, your mobile will ring and it will show a notification as to who is calling. You can now answer the phone no matter where you are. This uses data – arguably not a lot, approx. 0.45MB per minute (and if you are on a Wi-Fi network this is free).

2.    Devices become portable phones

If you are at home your 5 devices act as portable phones so when the landline rings you can pick it up from your device. No more arguing who has to get up and go answer the phone – and with the identity of the caller appearing, no more having to speak to your mother-in-law either if you don’t want too.

3.    It can become an internal intercom

You can also use the connected devices as an internal intercom – if your house is that big that screaming at the other person won’t get their attention – you can now call them as we can be sure (chances are) wherever they are, they have their phone or tablet with them. Scary, but true.

Expanding on this, if you have a holiday property, you can place a Voice Bridge there and while you are not there, answer the calls. Same applies to multiple or national offices – one Voice Bridge at each site and all your offices are connected to you no matter where you are.

I have saved the best feature for last. I mentioned earlier how it irks me to have to pay for landline calls from my cellphone – well that ends now. As slick as the Voice Bridge is in letting my landline calls find me wherever I am – I can now MAKE landline calls (or any calls really) from my landline at home or the office from my mobile phone and be billed on the landline account. By simply opening the app and dialing it will route the call through the landline the Voice Bridge is attached too.

An example of how cool this is – I can be overseas on business, jump on to a Wi-Fi network and dial someone back home for business or personal reasons from the landline in that country – no roaming, no forwarding, no hassles!

Voice Bridge is also iOs 10 ready, which means seamless integration into iPhone so that calls can be made natively, you can ask Siri to phone for you via Voice Bridge and unlike other VOIP services that cut out when the mobile phone rings you can place calls on hold.

So if you are running around all day, or wish to save money on calls this is definitely an investment worth making.