BlackBerry Priv - About bloody time!

Blackberry priv review

We all have our dirty little secrets and I’m no different – I have always liked BlackBerry (I wrote an article about a year ago on the Passport – have a look here) – there I said it. Before you all start hating and cursing, please allow me to explain and hopefully let you see why.

BlackBerry was, and still is, the best device for messaging. Arguably it was not that good at a lot of other things (until now – keep reading), but I challenge anyone to fault it as a messaging and communication device.

Time for a 180-degree mind-shift! Introducing the PRIV. The name is quite a clever tag in that it appeals to an elitist mind set – PRIVilege and also stays true to BlackBerry second main strength and feature; security with another acronym play – PRIVacy.

So, why the big fanfare and sentiment – well finally BlackBerry have come to the party and launched their first ANDROID phone. Why is this so big? Well, as the most used OS in the world it makes sense that if you want to have a shot in the market then you need to have a device that runs Android. The problems with Android however, is the bloat-ware – this is not a problem with the new PRIV. It has been stripped and two very clever moves were made by BlackBerry:

1.    Its now running on Marshmallow (5.1), which is stable and bug free.

2.    They have added the security features that made BlackBerry the choice of handset for most business people in the early 2000s.

I use a BlackBerry as a messaging device and process all my emails, social media and the likes on it. BlackBerry has the best interface for this across all phones, the BlackBerry Hub! This is a place where all your communications come in and list in order of arrival. You can separate them back into their respective folders or accounts – but why would you really?  For those of you that are familiar with this from OS 10 (their previous platform), you will be even more excited about the new Hub. It still works the same way, but now has two great features.

When you swipe from right to left, as before, you delete the message. If you swipe from left to right a snooze