Top smart phones for 2016

Top smart phones

With the mobile world congress that wrapped up at the end of February 2016, let’s take a brief look at some of the hottest smart phones coming our way in 2016.



1. iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 will sport the A10 processor from TSMC and 2GB of RAM. The chip is rumored to give it a 3% processing advantage over its most likely rival, the S7.

It will feature Liquidmetal cooling, wireless charging and improved 3D touch.

This version of the iconic handset will be more rugged, including features like waterproofing. The handset will be the smoothest (no camera bump) and slimmest to date.

It’s also possible that Apple will increase the current 5.5” and 5.7” screen sizes.

Apple i phone

There’s been speculation on a price tag ranging from about R13 000 for the 16GB to R16 0000 for the 128GB version (Prices given are based on dollar figures and current exchange rates).

2. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

The rivalry between Samsung and Apple will continue in 2016 with the release of the Galaxy S7. The Korean company have already snagged 31% of the American market, closing in on Apple’s 40% share.

Apple may have the slightly superior chip, but the Galaxy’s first-quarter launch date will give it plenty of time to woo customers ahead of the i7 release.

The design is largely indistinguishable from the S6, but both versions of the S7 offer better batteries, 1GB more Ram and improved processors.

The phones are rated shock, dust and water resistant.

The S7’s display remains unchanged at 5.1”, while the Edge offers a 5.5” display. 

Samsung s

The S7 will ship to our shores from mid-March. Preorders are already available from R13 999 for the S7 and the Edge will cost R15 999. Orders placed before 20th March will also include a Gear VR headset.

3. LG G5

The G5 breaks away from the plastic bodies of its predecessors and boasts a metal unibody handset.

The G5 sports a 5.3” display, fingerprint scanner and a design that allows you to unclip the battery at the bottom for easy battery exchange or modular plugins.

Like the S7, the G5 uses the Snapdragon 820 processor and boasts 4GB of memory.

Lg g  smartphone

Likely starting price around R14 000

4. Google’s Project Ara

With its released delayed in 2015, the Ara may be with us this year. A modular phone, where you plug in the components you want? What’s not to like? The base unit or ‘Grey Phone’ could start as low as R800 with components sold separately.

Google project ara smart phone


5. The Zenfone Zoom

Asus brings us the world’s thinnest 3x optical zoom smartphone. “See what others can’t” on your 5.5” screen in full HD. With a 13MP Camera, laser auto-focus and the ability to brighten an image shot in the dark up to 400%, this looks like a great choice for aspiring photographers. Likely price around R7 000.

Zenphone zoom smart phone

6. Microsoft Surface Phone

A bit of a dark horse, perhaps even a unicorn, since the rumors of a prototype may be just that. 2015 saw some dismal performance for windows phones, but it let’s not count Microsoft out, particularly with the growing influence of Windows 10.

Microsoft surface phone smart phone

Microsoft may well be looking to pit the Surface Phone against the i7. With everything to prove, Microsoft might bear watching.

As indeed might Nokia, who, with the expiration of their non-compete clause at the end of 2015, are going to return to releasing branded smart phones in 2016.

There you go, the latest lowdown on the latest smart phones for 2016