5 Treasures for your man cave

Essential man cave gadgets

The man cave has been around for a long time: from charcoal sketches of antelope on raw stone to the recessed monitors and leather upholstery of Bond villains.

Whether you’re trying to express yourself or just looking to watch the world burn from somewhere stylish, it’s all about the little things that make it uniquely yours.

We’re talking gadgets and toys here people - in 2016 they come in all shapes and sizes.

Our legal department has insisted that we can’t promote putting trapdoors in the floor over incinerators, so instead let’s look at a few treasures that might just put the finishing touches on your musky sanctuary.

1.     The seating

Right off the bat, you’re going to need somewhere to sit. The Altwork station officially starts shipping mid - 2016. It may seem a little pricey, with a starting cost of around R50 000. However, with completely adjustable desk, leg rests and reclining function, you can put in those long hours of work or play without fear of the aches and pains that beset lesser mortals. 



Image from http://altwork.com/our-gallery

2. The watching

Well you could watch something, but you don’t want to be just one more passenger in a 2D world, do you? That’s where your Oculus Rift comes in.

2016 will see the first consumer models of this iconic VR headset being released and if you weren’t one of the early adopters, now might be the time to explore virtual worlds from the comfort of your man cave.

Oculus rift  d

Don’t feel like parting with the best part of ten thousand Rand? You might also look into products that turn your smart phone into a VR headset. The Africard Buffalo Cardboard VR viewer is probably the most down to earth option, and is available on Takealot for R275.

Cardboard vr viewer
3. The listening

As for the audio, perhaps I could tempt you with the Mu-so, Naim’s first wireless music system. 450 watts of power, six customized speakers and able to handle just about any format or method of connectivity you can throw at it. If you think your ears deserve some pampering – or punishing, depending on how you look at it, the Naim is currently discounted to R27 999 at www.signals.co.za.

Naim wireless music system

4. The playing

If a man cave is about anything, it’s about our toys, and they don’t need to break the bank. For instance, why not have some inexpensive fun with “Thinking Putty”? For only R205 from Takealot, you can mesmerize yourself and others with this magnetic ice breaker.

Thinking putty

5. The protection

Alas at some point you are going to have to leave your treasures behind. What better to protect all your gadgets than another gadget?

For just over three thousand Rand, the August Smart Lock can keep track of comings and goings, issue virtual keys to guests, and open at the approach of your smart phone.(That swishing sound from the Star Trek doors sold separately!).

August smart lock


There you have it, a few items to whet your appetite, and elevate your personal space from troglodyte’s hovel to super villain’s lair.