Let there be light

Mobiya | energy alternative | SA Men

So we have to accept the fact that our electricity utility, namely Eskom, has now literally left us in the dark. We can sit and moan, light candles, cry, toyi-toyi or make a plan.

A lot of people have looked at generators, invertors or solar and there are pros and cons to both. The challenge for many is affordability of one of the above as well as permission to install one, especially if you live in a complex or rent a unit or flat.

In this digital always on; always connected world another massive blow is if you haven’t got charge left on any of your shiny gadgets when They decide to flick the switch, it truly seems as if it is the end of the world.

This last week I found a great little solution that is functional, practical and really affordable, the Mobiya from Schneider Electric.

It’s a nifty little hand-held light that looks like a Curling “ball”. It is an ergonomically designed product and serves a few purposes, and serves them well.

To start, its primary offering is light. The unit has 3 light settings, at its lowest it emits a respectable 10 lumens and will do so for 48 hours. Next click takes you up to 55 lumens for which it will give you 12 hours and if you need bright light then the last click will push out 120 lumens for a respectable 6 hours (2 hours longer than the worst of the load shedding schedules).

So why do I like this little gadget when there are now a plethora of these home-ready lights? Well it is the thought that went into it that caters for all markets, the have’s and the have-not’s and then some. You see the design allows for it to be hung from its built in hook, or placed upside down on a 2 liter coke bottle to make a lantern, it can be placed on a pole to act as an outside light and its even waterproof up to a claimed (I didn’t test) half a meter so this will be great for outdoors or camping to.

But wait there’s more… a built-in USB port so that you can charge your precious mobile phone too! May not sound like a big deal but when you promised to call the super-model that wouldn’t put out on the first date and you can’t because your phone is dead this little guy even acts as your wing-man! Or for us mere mortals who just want to get one more level of Angry Birds done and dusted the Mobiya will charge up your phone and keep you rocking.

The last feature is that it comes with a solar-charging panel so it is not only green but thanks to the sun, totally free to charge up and use.