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SA Men review | Sony SmartWatch 3

You may have read my article a few months ago about the Sony SmartBand – if you didn’t here it is.  So the question is “Am I still wearing it or was it just a fad?” I am pleased to say that not only am I still wearing it but I have also used the data to make a few changes to lifestyle thanks to the data from the Lifelog app on my phone.

Because I also own a Smart Watch, I have noticed that I look a bit like someone being released from a penitentiary and being tracked or remanded to home arrest. So because I don’t like being looked at strangely because of my penitentiary look, I did some research to see if there is an all in one solution. There is!

The new Sony SmartWatch 3. Not only is this a really slick looking watch, but it also combines a large amount of the SmartBand features and more.

Lets look at the core of the watch. Like the SmartBand, the strap is removable from the watch, which allows you to change the band and therefore keeping it to your style (there are currently only two colours, but rumors of a steel strap coming next year are making the rounds). However, the real exciting thing for me is that it is the first time I got to play with Android Wear. Unlike the first two watches, which run on Sony’s proprietary OS, this is Sony’s first foray into the use of Android Wear. Let me tell you - I am not disappointed.

Using the words “Ok Google” the watch comes to life and is ready for further speech commands. There is a predefined list of what the watch will do via voice.  These include opening the calendar, bringing up mail and checking the weather. All the kinds of things you want to be able to do on a smart watch.

The watch is also contextually aware and as such shows information about the weather, traffic and flight info too, all on a clear, colour screen.

A game-changing feature is that the watch has an onboard GPS. This is great to log your movements (for Lifelog) when your phone is not with you. Also onboard is 4GB of memory so you can upload music which enables you to run, track your movements, steps and calories and (via Bluetooth) listen to your favourite tunes without having to carry your phone. Admittedly, it is hard for me to go anywhere without a phone – but for science and the purposes of giving awesome info, I forced myself to do it and everything worked and performed as it was supposed to – but I never want to be that far from my phone again.

I personally don’t like sleeping with a watch on, so I removed it and turned it off at night. By doing so I can confirm that I got a full 2 days of battery life. The unit only needs 1 hour to fully recharge using any micro USB charger (no special dock station or cradle required) so it really is a low maintenance device too.

I found some fantastic watch faces on the Play store and must say that I do enjoy looking and touching this watch.

I think we will see some really interesting things to come with Android Wear in the not too distant future. I will be ready to download and play.