Home connectivity re-invented!

Triby alexa voice service invoxia

Ok, this has to be my gadget of the year! Seriously! It is hard to describe this amazing piece of tech. The Triby is like our family’s new best friend.

It looks like a small briefcase (in 2D) and is about the size of a DVD case opened. Whoa – what a cool device! Did I mention that it is my favourite device for 2016?

So, let’s start. They say the heart of the home is in the kitchen. Another favourite saying is that something has everything in it, except the kitchen sink. Well, this has that too!

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Landline calls are so this season!

Make my smartphone my landline voice bridge

In a country where we have so many Entrepreneurs and people working from home offices or are always on the road – staying in contact is easy but expensive. Up until now the only choice you had was to have an answering machine at home (or someone to actually answer the call for you, which is not always ideal or affordable) or to pay your cellphone provider for call-forwarding. The later works well except you pay to receive the calls and at local cellular rates that can add up really quickly! The other costly exercise is making calls.

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Let there be sleep!

Sleep remedy good night light

Most of us moan about not getting a good night’s sleep. Probably tried all the suggested things like changing pillows, the position you lie in the bed, maybe even the extreme of a dull blow to the cranium and actually passing out! As someone who has always been a bad sleeper I must admit that I would be prepared to try anything for a good night’s sleep.

So I recently came across the Good Night Biological LED Light. Now, besides the rhyming, it really has become music to my ears (or maybe snoring to my wife’s ears).

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Console vs PC Gaming

console or pc gaming

Okay, full disclosure – I’m a PC gamer. I threw my hat into the ring on this issue years ago. I have no plans to change horses now, but with the ‘new’ generation of consoles getting longer in the tooth and PC hardware growing by leaps and bounds, is there even a case for investing in a console rather than a PC anymore?

Performance and cost:

Let’s dive in at the deep end by looking at what you get for your money.

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BlackBerry Priv - About bloody time!

Blackberry priv review

We all have our dirty little secrets and I’m no different – I have always liked BlackBerry (I wrote an article about a year ago on the Passport – have a look here) – there I said it. Before you all start hating and cursing, please allow me to explain and hopefully let you see why.

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Pour some water on me?

Nikon Coolpix Camera

I have always been someone who is more than happy to take pics with my cellphone. As an iPhone user I have become used to getting great shots and having a camera whenever I need one. With filters and apps, you can create some pretty cool snapshots which are ready for sharing or printing.

Well, that theory got dashed after planning a Pacific Island Cruise, as my beloved phone doesn’t do so well when there is water involved. In fact, I don’t think too many do!

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Top smart phones for 2016

Top smart phones

With the mobile world congress that wrapped up at the end of February 2016, let’s take a brief look at some of the hottest smart phones coming our way in 2016.



1. iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 will sport the A10 processor from TSMC and 2GB of RAM. The chip is rumored to give it a 3% processing advantage over its most likely rival, the S7.

It will feature Liquidmetal cooling, wireless charging and improved 3D touch.

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Which watch?

Mens wrist watches

Which watch?

Life is all about time – I’m out of time, I need more time, it’s time… Time dictates our lives every single day and year on year. This is possibly the reason that watches, due to their necessity, have become an item of fashion, status and class. But on the other hand, watches are simply a tool which helps us to organise our lives and keep track of time. So how much would you spend on your favourite watch? We take a look at our top 5

5. Casio

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5 Treasures for your man cave

Essential man cave gadgets

The man cave has been around for a long time: from charcoal sketches of antelope on raw stone to the recessed monitors and leather upholstery of Bond villains.

Whether you’re trying to express yourself or just looking to watch the world burn from somewhere stylish, it’s all about the little things that make it uniquely yours.

We’re talking gadgets and toys here people - in 2016 they come in all shapes and sizes.

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Droning around

Drone flying requirements

Drones – Love ‘em or hate ‘em

If there was ever an invention that conjures up images of a future where robots and machines control the world, it would be that of the drone. Imagine a future where flying, buzzing robots are delivering shopping and post. Where these unmanned flying machines are fighting wars, or assisting farmers with monitoring their land. It may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but this future may not be too far away.

What can they be used for

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