Pokemon Go - what's the fuss about?

What is pokemon go all about

Okay, unless you’ve been roommates with a Crustle for the last month, you’ll be aware that Niantic’s Pokémon GO has begun its bid for world domination.

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The Pokemon Go Game

Starting with Australia and New Zealand, the digital phenomenon has since made its way to the US, Germany, the UK and Japan, with Niantic saying that the game will be rolled out in about 200 countries “relatively” soon (to some extent the game may already be a victim of its own success, with servers being reduced to superheated slag in an attempt to accommodate a rapidly expanding user base – only the limits of human technology can stop this expansion now).

At time of writing there’s no official release date in SA, but with the Pokémon GO Plus already on preorder at Raru for R609 the big day can’t be far off.

So what the heck is all this about?

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the words “augmented reality” – put down the bong granddad, these days we do things digitally.

Like its predecessor Ingress, Pokémon Go uses your smart phone to project a virtual world onto the real world around you – a cyber space projection over meat space if you like – and from all accounts you will. 

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The goal of Ingress was to build or claim portals for one of two teams, using google maps and GPS to determine your location.

Pokémon GO replicates some of these features, offering players three teams and allowing them to use the Pokémon they capture in their travels to battle over Poké Gyms which can be claimed by chipping away at the opposing team’s prestige.

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So if it’s just a planet sized game of capture the flag, why did Nintendo stock jump by $7-billion within weeks of Pokémon’s release?

Because investors are betting that the fun of collecting a shiny Pikachu or noble Squirtle with a single swipe of the screen will have some lucrative knock on effects and we’re not