Gift ideas for Father's Day

Fathers day gift ideas

If you are anything like me you often struggle to find the right gift for Father’s Day. Flowers and chocolates aren’t going to cut it and he’d rather get a hangnail than a Hallmark card. So what gifts should we bring the old patriarch, as he stares down at us from his hoard of brown socks, colourful ties and “Best Dad” mugs?

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Tools are (always) a good idea

Not every dad is a DIY guru, but many are and more would like to pretend to be. If you have the budget you could stretch to something big like a power tool, but be sure to check what he already has in his collection.

If you are on a lower budget, why not a pen knife or a multi tool? If he likes to be handy then he’ll always appreciate having the right tool for the job in his pocket.

2. Booze is Better

Most dads appreciate a good snifter – I’m not saying that we drive them to drink exactly, but after a year of putting up with us it might be a good idea to offer up some libation.

Again take the time to subtly find out what he might not have sampled, try and give him an experience that he wouldn’t have treated himself to ordinarily. A mixed pack of craft beer or a well-aged whiskey might be just the thing to show him you care. If you are lucky he might even share with you!

3. DIY Booze is the best

If you think your dad likes making things as much as drinking you could always spring for a home brewer’s kit.

This one’s certainly not a budget option, but if the family can stretch to it, dad can have all the joy of making something unique and enjoying the fruits of his labours. There are lots of brewing companies who do DIY kits.

4. What about some entertainment?

What’s dad’s favorite TV series or movie franchise?

If you look around you can often get your hands on some well-priced box sets that could give dad an excuse not to leave the couch for weeks to come. Just make sure not to choose the TV series you want to see!

5. Is he a gamer?

Not all fathers are into virtual fun, but there definitely are the ones that loves gaming! For those dads a new game could be just what they are looking for, whether mom likes it or not. If you do decide to go this route it might be a good idea to look at games with multi-player options – that way you get to spend some quality time with dad. Win win.

6. Who doesn’t like to braai?

South Africans are notorious for the good old braai! And a lot of men enjoy the primal thrill of searing meat over an open flame and this in turn offers the opportunity to purchase Father’s Day gifts to suit any budget. Does his old fire pit look worn out to you? Or perhaps he just needs something to wear on braai days, like a funny T-shirt or a brand new braaier? Make dad feel special as the King of the braai.

7. Gadgets Batdad?

Very few of us ever really grow up and just being a dad doesn’t mean you stop loving your toys.

It’s always going to be a question of budget and taste, but I find it’s a good rule of thumb to get a person something they would normally feel bad about treating themselves to.

Your dad might be too sensible to get himself that USB powered funfair, a virtual reality headset, any Star Wars memorabilia or Chewbacca mask with sound effects, but once you get it for him there’s every chance he’ll love it – albeit secretly.

8. Something comfortable:

One of the benefits of growing up and becoming a father is that fashion can give way to comfort. I’m not saying that your dad isn’t a snappy dresser but everyone needs a warm dressing gown and some fluffy slippers – take my word for it.

9. Take him somewhere special:

Does your dad have a favorite restaurant?

Perhaps he likes getting outdoors.

Why not plan a day out?

A visit to a brewery perhaps.

Or how about a hike followed by a big lunch?

More often than not one of the greatest gifts a father can receive is to be shown that his family cares about him and to spend time together in a relaxed setting.

10. Make him something:

Father’s day doesn’t have to be all about high priced gifts, the important thing is to show him how much he means to us. There are a million ideas on the internet for home made gifts, if that’s your family’s thing.

Photo’s, cards and bookmarks can all be made on a relatively small budget and will hold a far greater sentimental value than any commercially available gift in years to come.