8 Quick life hacks

Life hacks for men

There are a thousand things that most of us could do to get our lives on track.

Eat fewer carbs, drink less – perhaps even concede that salad might have a place at a braai!

Here are a few handy life hacks that might help make our transition though the mortal vale a little easier:

1)  Keep the Beer Cold

No one likes a warm drink, but sometimes you find yourself caught short. We all know about putting drinks in the freezer at need, but if you wrap a wet paper towel around your drink, before putting it in the freezer, it should be cold in under fifteen minutes (well before the risk of a freezer induced explosion).

Another trick along these lines – you can freeze grapes to cool white wine.

2)  Read the Instruction Manual

This is one I’ve been guilty of myself. Contrary to what I’ve sometimes allowed myself to believe, men do not earn an engineering degree at puberty. Unless you have real skills, the chances are that you will save yourself a lot of time by tracking down the good ol’ instruction manual. However clever you might feel at the end of a blind DIY project, the chances are those left over screws did actually do something!

3)  Anticipate the Future

You don’t need to have Spidey senses to see what’s coming down the line. Many of the challenges you will face on a daily basis can be overcome well before they arise. If you know you have an important meeting in the morning, lay out a suit the night before. If you know you are driving long distance or you can’t afford the time to stop for petrol in the morning – fill up the car in advance. It might help to write a list of the most important things you will need to do the next day.

4)  Do Your Research

Okay, this one is related to point three, but it really deserves a point all its own. If you are going to an interview, do yourself a favour and at least check out the website of the company you’re applying to.  Any information is worth having and this doesn’t just apply to your professional life. Truly listening to your partner and registering their needs is more than just good manners – it is the secret to a happy life.

5)  Learn How to Hide Your Tracks Online

There are times when we need to share and there are times when privacy is valuable.

If others might have access to your computer, private browsing is you friend. You should always remember to make sure not to leave anything compromising in your search history. Open a New Private Window when going on the internet when doing your banking, looking at your investments or researching a sensitive topic (I can think of a few topics…)

6)  Relax

Stress is a killer and heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide.  Important as it is to be mindful of others we all need ‘me’ time. Take a moment in the day to unwind, meditate, read – your time’s not wasted if it buys you an extra twenty years of living!

7)  Make Sure to Eat Regularly

It’s important to maintain a balanced blood sugar level. With this in mind getting into the habit of keeping a few high protein, low GI snacks on hand could be a good idea.

8)  Remember to Laugh

Yep, it’s easily said but not so easily done. It’s worth remembering that no one gets it right all the time and the best defense we have is to laugh – especially at ourselves.