The ultimate public holiday cheat sheet

Public holidays south africa

South Africa is blessed with a number of public holidays, and although this may irk some business owners, we may as well make the most of them when they come around. March has a few opportunities to take a break, while minimising the number of days you need to take off your annual leave allowance. The rest of the year is also filled with publich holidays, so take a look at how you can make the most of your public holidays and get that much needed break from your weekly routine.

Manic March

This year, Easter will be celebrated at the end of March. Specifically, Good Friday falls on the 25th March and follows with Family Day on Monday March 28th. The great thing about Easter falling on these dates is that Monday the 21st is Human Rights Day. This means that if you wanted to take a full 10 night holiday somewhere, you would only need to book 3 days off from work. Make sure to get that leave in now though, before everyone connects the dots!

Awkward April

April has only got one public holiday this year. April 27th is Freedom Day, and although it falls directly in the middle of the week, you only have to take 2 days off to enjoy a 5 day break either before or after Wednesday the 27th.

A weekend in May

Workers Day in May falls on a Sunday this year, but don’t despair because a long weekend is at hand. Due to the holiday falling on a Sunday, we will be having Monday the 2nd May off, to observe Workers Day. Whether it’s a Friday or a Monday off, no one will be complaining about a long weekend!

Jovial June

Take one day off from work in June and you could be in for a glorious long weekend. Thursday the 16th June is celebrated as Youth Day, meaning that if you could get Friday the 17th off, you will be enjoying a 4 day break, which is long enough to get on a plane, or take a drive somewhere.

Escape in August

Tuesday the 9th of August is National Women’s Day! So why not ask the boss for the Monday off and get away for a four day break? Catch a plane or hit the road on Friday 5th August and come back on Tuesday the 9th August for a relaxing long weekend away!

There are plenty of amazing opportunities for long weekends this year. There are two other public holidays in 2016, one of which is Heritage Day, falling on Saturday the 24th of September, and the other is The Day of Reconciliation which falls on Friday December 16th. As long as you’re on top of your game, which we hope we have helped you with, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be the one relaxing on the beach, while the rest of the office is hard at work. So get that leave in quickly and enjoy your long weekends in 2016!