7 Epic Movie Lines

Epic Movie Lines | SA Men

A good movie script will sometimes have the luxury to be carried by strong one-liners that are the product of some good context and of course excellent delivery by the actor. Overreliance on these one- liners often point towards a very mediocre movie, but they are still the stuff by which the best films are remembered.  So here’s a look at the some of the most influential movie lines of all time:

1.There is no denying Arnold Schwarzenegger’s phrase in the terminator series “I’ll be back” has earned its place in a pantheon of memorable movie lines. Interestingly during filming James Cameron wanted the line to be “I will be back” delivered clinically as was supposed to be the robot thing to do. Arnold’s heavy Austrian accent and adaption however mutated the perfectionistic James Cameron intent so that he had to concede that they had stumbled onto something special. The rest is history.

Ill be back

2. “Why so serious?” From Batman:The Dark Knight gets the nod for sheer brilliance of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker. In addition to excellent delivery this line also explains the history of the joker character (which he changes from time to time). Its introduction into our vocabulary of one-liners was also the easiest way for us normal folks with no acting skills to come even close to sounding like a psychopath.

Why so serious new

3. “Run Forrest, Run!” At some point or another you must’ve shouted this to a friend on a sports track, or whilst being chased by a dog, or simply when they had ignored the call of nature for too long.  Forrest Gump’s dialogue easily seals him as one of the most endearing characters of all time.

Run forest run

4. “Do I feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?” Dirty Harry precedes his famous line by explaining that even though there might or might not be but one bullet left, the .44 Magnum is hailed as the most powerful handgun in the world and can blow its victim’s head clean off. More telling than the Magnum though, had anyone but Clint Eastwood made this threat it would probably have been better to just let the gun do the talking.

Do you feel lucky

5. “Madness? This is Sparta!” Watching Gerard Butler bellowing this to a Persian messenger and subsequently kicking him into a bottomless pit might prompt you to update your bucket list in fashion you never thought necessary.  Unfortunately this isn’t Sparta and kicking people down any kind shaft will get you into trouble unless they change some legislation. Until then you will be forgiven for enjoying 300 over and over again.


6. “You better start believing in Ghost stories Miss Turner, you’re in one!” Geoffrey Rush’s character of Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean is another case in point that a story is only as powerful or convincing as the villain’s capabilities. It is often Jack Sparrow himself who deservedly gets accolades for the series’s success, but a weaker actor than Geoffrey as a counter point would have rendered a beloved story rather flat-footed.

Ghost stories pirates

7. “What we do in life, echoes in eternity”.  More of a movie quote than a true one liner. It of course comes from Russel Crowe’s character Maximus in the Gladiator. Not only stirring words, but also rides into my top 7 on the back of being part of one of the best scripts of all time and still stands today as one of the highest valued scripts in movie history.

Gladiator quotes

There’s a litany of movie lines I considered. Here are some of those that missed out: To infinity and beyond! From Toy Story. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn, from Gone with the Wind. May the Force be with you, from Star Wars. Hakuna Matata, from the Lion King. Do not, go in there! From Ace Ventura and You Shall not pass! From Lord of the Rings. Others simply missed out because they are way too powerful in their choice of words. On that note, remember: if you’re on a runway, feeling a little like Bruce Willis and about to light a trail of jet fuel to blow up a plane, don’t forget to say Yipee Ki-yay…