It’s time for the Big Splash!

Splashy Fen Underberg KZN

Splashy Fen is one of the longest running South African music festivals and takes place each year over the Easter weekend. That means it’ll be running from this Thursday until Sunday. It has become an institution on the South African live music scene and offers festival goers a truly unique outdoor experience. With the winding river, amphitheatre of mountains and hills, and exceptional facilities, this truly is a South African music festival which is perfect for the whole family, hardcore partiers, or laid back musos. The thrill of Splashy Fen starts pretty much as soon as you’ve bought your tickets. By the time you actually get to the festival gates, you’re frothing to get in and get the party started.

Survive Splashy Fen with these 7 tips

Although music festivals are a time to take off your watches, turn off your cell phones and worry about only three things: eating, drinking, and making sure you don’t miss your favourite bands. It always helps to have a loose plan to ensure your experience is one you will never forget. So check out these tips and you can be sure Splashy Fen will soon feel like home:

  • Try and get a camping spot close enough to the ablutions to see when they have been cleaned, but not too close to smell them. 
  • Try and camp on a corner of the lanes reserved for traffic. This will ensure your campsite is easier to find, and during your down time you can sit and watch Splashy Fen life go by.
  • A gazebo always comes in handy. When you wake up in the morning with a head that feels the size of that beach ball fans were tossing around in the crowd the night before, you’re going to want some shade to sit under.
  • As soon as you arrive, and before you even crack open a beer, make sure