Star Wars Roque One Movie Review

Star wars rogue one movie review

Earning more than $817 million worldwide, the movie ranks at number 2 for highest earnings on an opening weekend in December, on Christmas day itself and for the past 365 days. It is currently ranked at 58 for earnings over all time and worldwide, but that position will change as more people see it.

Starring relatively unknown actors like Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Donnie Yen, Ben Mendelsohn and Genevieve O’Reilly, Roque One introduces Star Wars to everybody. Whether they are true fans or not. The storyline is fresh and new, and the movie seems to be the ‘first’ of the series. This means that it starts the story right at the beginning, so there are no familiar characters who fanatics are familiar with. Instead, it supplies new characters and a storyline that even ‘outsiders’ can follow.

The cinematography and special effects are spectacular. The storyline is catchy and exciting, and the adventure and battle scenes are epic. I can’t explain the thrill I felt, feeling like I’m flying along in the Rogue One models of spacecraft, the U-Wing and the TIE Striker!  The scenes in ‘space’ (and there are many) are beautiful and you are in for quite a visionary treat as the movie is mostly available in 3D.

Bought from George Lucas, Disney has two more instalments on their way, Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX (eight and nine), of which VIII is already in the post-production stage. We see Princess Leia in Rogue One for a few seconds. Carrie Fisher is CGId to look like the young original Leia and it was a breath-taking moment for those fans who saw the movie before her passing in December. I am convinced it will be bittersweet for all who watch Rogue One now that Carrie Fisher is gone, also when we see her again in episode eight and nine.  Episode eight will be released in December of this year.

Episode VIII and IX will pick up the story of Star Wars after The Force Awakens with many characters and names making reappearances. I would like to suggest that fans of the franchise wait until the release of both the new movies at the end of 2017 and  2018 before showing them to potential fans in ‘sequence’, as events play out chronologically, to get newbies introduced and have them become fans. Pure Star Wars fans will probably hang me for suggesting this as they probably feel one should watch them in the order of release to have a similar experience to that of original fans.

As it is still on circuit, you should first go and see Roque One, though. There are three very good reasons to watch this movie: One - if you are a Star Wars fan, you have no choice. Two - If you are not a Star Wars fan, you can see and enjoy a very good action adventure movie that is part of a well-known, much loved franchise and you might begin to understand why there is such a huge fan base, and three - you can fully enjoy the story, action and adventure without missing out on anything, past or present in the Star Wars saga.

Watch and enjoy!