Crispy Aromat Sheep Tails

SA Men Braai

Here’s a secret recipe from the great outdoorsmen of the farms and Platteland of South Africa. If you’re looking for something new and interesting to wow the guests at your next braai, check out this delicious recipe for a pre main-course braai snack to whet your guest’s appetite. In the early days, sheep tails were traditionally slow cooked as a casserole overnight in the oven on a low heat and enjoyed with krimmelpap for breakfast. As I’m writing this, my sheep tail breakfast is simmering away in the oven. Wow, I can’t wait until tomorrow morning, but for now, let’s get back to the braai recipe for Crispy Aromat Sheep Tails. Follow this really easy step by step method and amaze your guests, just like you did with the Stand-up Rib recipe (see it here). What you’ll need for the Ultimate Crispy Aromat Sheep Tails • As many sheep tails as it takes to satisfy your quests (once they start, they may not stop). • Your choice of spices; Aromat is a winner with this recipe though. • If you’re a sauce guy, grab some Champion, Jimmy’s, Spur, or Steers Spare-rib sauce • Any other spices to taste, such as chilli, lemon, or braai spice • Folding grid What to Do With the Sheep Tails 1. Place the sheep tails in a casserole dish and spice them with Aromat. Make sure to rub it into the meat and let it rest until your fire is ready 2. When the fire is nice and hot, remove the tails from the casserole dish and place them in the folding grid. Place the grid at an angle of about 60 degrees over the evenly spread coals. 3. Depending on the size and thickness of the tails, it usually takes between 15-20 minutes until they’re done. Make sure not to let them rest too much on one side to avoid overcooking on either side. 4. For a more crispy texture, turn them regularly until most of the fat has dripped out – it should have an even gold or yellowish colour with the meat being nice and tender. It’s now time to get stuck in. Grab them straight out of the grid, or let them rest in the casserole dish for 10 to 15 minutes after smothering them with your favourite sauces. WARNING: Eat them slowly and make sure not to devour your fingers as well, it has been known to happen – they’re absolutely delicious!