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Mazda cosmo sport
Tuesday, 06/06/17
It was a pivotal moment in automobile history when, 50 years ago, Mazda launched its rotary-powered Mazda Cosmo Sport. The sleek, stylish two-seater... continue reading


Fiat tipo launched
Wednesday, 17/05/17
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has launched the all new Fiat Tipo hatchback and its sedan sibling to the South African market following the vehicle’... continue reading


Like lovers do
Wednesday, 10/05/17
To be in love with someone is to accept them and be yourself in front of them, right? We are all guilty of ‘disgusting’ habits in front... continue reading


Travel packing tips
Monday, 27/02/17
Packing your bags for an overseas holiday? Here are a couple of tips to assist you on your next overseas adventure… Use technology... continue reading

The Good Life

The real deal header
Monday, 05/06/17
Too many couples are disillusioned when their relationship goes up in smoke. Nobody enters a long-term relationship with the hope that it ends, do they? Sadly, most of the time the relationship ends... continue reading


Travel to bali holiday
Monday, 27/03/17
After a very brief visit to the small island of Bali in Indonesia, I am left with favourable impressions and a high opinion of the place. Bali is the ultimate tourist destination for a variety... + continue reading


Image (Olympus E-M1) by Bernard K Hellberg
Monday, 19/06/17
I have a confession. To me, the Yaris range, in terms of exterior styling, has been as exciting as watching a tree grow. It wasn’t even nominally cute and it carried that aura of having been... + continue reading


Triby alexa voice service invoxia
Tuesday, 08/11/16
Ok, this has to be my gadget of the year! Seriously! It is hard to describe this amazing piece of tech. The Triby is like our family’s new best friend. It looks like a small briefcase (in 2D)... + continue reading


Getting it right
Tuesday, 30/05/17
Many an entrepreneur has started out starry-eyed and full of dreams, not only to make money for themselves, but also with the altruistic desire of employing others. Here are some helpful hints to... + continue reading

Braai Guy

Romantic home dinner
Monday, 15/06/15
If you’re as useful as a garden spade in the kitchen, check out these easy, yet sophisticated meals you can cook to impress that special person. We’ve selected 2 options for mains and... + continue reading